7 Awesome interior design tricks to transform your home

7 Awesome interior design tricks to transform your home

By: Curtis Brown

Owning a house is a big step for anyone. Once you have a house in your possession, the next thing that you need to concentrate upon is to decorate it in the most esthetic and pleasing manner. While it is always a good idea to look for professional guidance, as an interior designer, it is not an absolute compulsion. You can devise your dream house on your own too.

Having a beautiful interior not only makes you feel satisfied, but it is also a presentation of yourself to anyone who comes to visit. It should be reflective of your personality and style.  Staying true to it is very important.

Top that with a few hacks and tricks, and voila, you will have the perfect interiors. You don’t need to go searching for boards on Pinterest anymore, having an idea about colors and placement, with a little bit of help from the following list should suffice.

This will also be helpful if you are bored of the interiors of your home and want to remodel it into something more palatable and soothing to the eye. 7 awesome interior designing tricks to revamp your home are-

Paint smaller rooms in softer, lighter colors to help make the room feel larger

This is one of the most common tricks to create an illusion of increasing the dimensions of your rooms. If you have space which is not big enough, go for colors which are softer and lighter for your walls and ceilings.

This reflects most of the light that enters the room and makes it feel brighter as well. Combine that with strategically placed mirrors, and suddenly you will feel that your room has more space than it used to initially.

It’s time to use some old things to decorate the house.

Decorating your house doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy everything new. The old items packed in boxes and suitcases can act as a treasure trove. Therefore, instead of heading to a store, head towards your attic and browse all the things that you could use to decorate. If you have a real estate business, these are the best ideas for your clients.

Things like an old grandfather clock, mugs, art pieces etcetera can serve as perfect accessories. Moreover, they will have certain memories attached to them, like with your loved ones and it will bring in the sense of nostalgia.

Create a gallery wall

Generally, the wall above your sofa can be converted into a gallery wall. You could add family pictures, expensive or inexpensive paintings, quotes you like, anything that you feel comfortable to look at.

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Again, stay true to your personality here. You can also bring in the perfect amalgamation of the old and new by putting up paintings from a different era. However, make sure the themes of the paintings are not too drastic.

Add plants

The best way to add some green to your room and make it look more natural is to add plants at strategic places. Live plants can be difficult to maintain and will have a time of survival. Therefore, it is advisable to go for faux plants. They mimic the real plants but need no special attention for their maintenance, except for occasional cleaning.

It will also add the necessary pop of colors in the form of flowers, which will create a contrast to your room. Green is a primary color that soothes your eye as well. The exotic plants may become a little expensive, but a similar faux plant will cost much lesser. Thus, it is a smart financial step as well.

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Hang mirrors strategically

Like mentioned before, mirrors, along with softer colors, are the main strategies to give the feeling of a larger dimensional room than it actually is. If you have a small room with enough light entering it, hang a mirror at the opposite wall, and it will reflect and light up the entire room. It can also work as an elegant set piece.

Instead of going for the normal kind of mirror, choose the ones with a more intricate and elegant panel. This will serve both the purposes of lighting up your room and adding sophistication to it. You could also place it in such a way that reflects an exquisite chandelier or painting, to draw more attention to it.

Choose the right curtain length.

Placing anything of vertical dimension in the room tends to give it an illusion of being taller. Hanging long curtains in a room will serve the purpose. Therefore, get curtains which are longer than the size required and hem the bottom to prevent it from getting dirty.

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Give your furniture some breathing room.

Last but not least, don’t clutter. Putting too many items in a single room will result in it looking more cramped and claustrophobic. Instead, decorate your room with things that are required.

Placing furniture close to each other is a bad idea. Give it some breathing space and ability to shift slightly from its position if required. The optimal decoration is always the best.

Having a good interior design is not really an unachievable task these days, and the tips as mentioned earlier are definitely going to make things easier for you.

Written by: Curtis Brown

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