7 Underestimated Good Luck Tips for Students

7 Underestimated Good Luck Tips for Students that Will Actually Work

student 7 lucky tipsStudying in college is essential because it’s a pillar in one of the most unstable periods of our lives. You’re not a child anymore, but you’re also not technically a grownup. It’s hard to deal with all the problems, challenges and novelties in life.

It takes too much effort to get your life to be stable, so you’re in need of some good luck to get good grades.

Where you live is the root of all good and evil in life. Therefore, it’s important to attract some good luck from your living quarters. Use these seven underestimated good luck tips and get your studies back on track and better than ever.

  1. Have your study space secluded from other parts of the house

To study properly, you need to focus on channeling the right energy. That is not possible if you choose to study just about anywhere. The energy is one place depends on the activity and the feelings you have during that activity.

Studying on the couch is not hard because it’s soft and comfy. Instead, you feel unproductive energy because you sit and watch movies when you’re there.

Eliminate any disruptive energy. Select a corner of a room, or an entire room if you can, and make it a study-only zone. Once all the energy in the place is of the productive nature, you will have all the luck you need before exams.

  1. Don’t mix up plans and actual study material

Just like someone organizes their workplace, you have to have separate sections of your study space. Even productive energy has several subtypes. For example, you need to be in a different state to plan your studying and to memorize the information you need.

Separate plans and study material on the table. You should adopt this advice and apply it to your computer and bookmarks. One folder can contain essay writing services like EssayMama and Ninja Essays while the other can contain books in .pdf. The bottom line is – have different energies flow separately.

  1. Clean the area frequently

tudy tips good luck clean deskStudying by default requires a certain amount of struggle. Even if you’re proficient at a certain subject, there will be days where you can’t keep up with your usual tempo.

This can create a whole lot of negative energy in your usual study space. You can try some Marie Kondo tips to tidy up your place.

The feelings of regret and disappointment can weigh heavily on your efforts. To combat this, clean your study area. When you clean what is tangible, the intangible will also become clearer. It’s like a new beginning, for good luck.

Make it a daily ritual, or even expand it through the whole house. The more you accomplish, the more encouraged you will feel.

  1. Have visible plans and alternative solutions

Once you’ve separated items that require different energy to be channeled, you need to make plans visible. Words are powerful in Feng Shui and can trigger a lot of thoughts.

When you think positively, you will be in a position to attract energy for good luck. For students, visual contact with plans and to-do lists is essential. What you see, you can easily believe.

For example, you have an essay to do. In case you don’t have the inspiration, you can write a note to use Proessaywriting.com as an alternative. When you see it, you will be less likely to panic and more aware of the beautiful energy around you. Have faith.

  1. Never face your deck to the wall

Studying is challenging and your minds instinctively want to look for a way out. It’s your duty not to let them do this and endure. Most students place their desks in the direction of the wall. In times when they can’t focus, looking at a solid wall can be disheartening.

You need to have good luck even when you’re not feeling it. Turn your table towards the rest of the room. Soak up all the good energy that exists in your living space. Use it to heal yourself from the stress of studying and start anew.

  1. Red is the color of urgency

student red lucky color study tipsWho can stay engaged while studying when they see all the bland colors of notebooks and folder?

Feng Shui is about changing energy with a strong visual and physical presence.

To engage yourself, use red and yellow folders. They will attract the attention of your mind and keep you focused enough to complete all the essential tasks.

Be creative, you can also wear a red shirt and look at yourself in the mirror every time you pass. Pressure should bring out the best in you and help you become even better.

  1. Keep the sleeping area sacred

bedroom good luckWhen you’re taking a break from studying, you can’t stop thinking about maintaining positive energy. Just like you can’t mix your fun with studying, you can’t let anything interfere with sleeping. A rested mind is ready to attract all the possible good energy around you.

Don’t do anything else in your bed but sleep. You can watch movies on the couch or on the balcony. The sleeping area should be reserved for sleeping and for sleeping only. Uninterrupted rest is essential for handling all the challenges with quality sleep. Leave all your stress, books and smartphones out of bed and preferably – the room.


Changing the positions of some essential furniture items and bringing order in your life will help you immensely.

As you complete one tip after another, you will feel liberated and ready to attract positive energy. Give yourself a chance to improve your understanding of your own self. Work hard and combine it with that knowledge of self. The result will be to behold.

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