8 Gambling Good Luck Charms

8 Gambling Good Luck Charms

Gambling Good Luck Charms

Gambling has been there since time immemorial. Who doesn’t gamble? Yes, everybody nowadays gambles, but the real question is this, “does everyone win?” We’re yet to find out!

There are many gambling beliefs out there; some are personal while others are widespread. Besides, the existence of this universe is a complex phenomenon, and you wouldn’t be surprised if some of these random occurrences and circumstances could be manipulated to your favor.

When it comes to our everyday social and economic success, it all boils down to chance. How often do you get lucky! Some believe that waking up in the morning is a gift and that life in itself is absolute luck.

Our everyday activities are composed of a series of arbitrary decisions and encounters, and we can’t deny that there’s no control over some of these things, luck at casinos are as well the same.

Gamblers have gone out of their way to come up with Chinese good luck symbols and charms to aid in maneuvering around the gambling front. A good example is the use of lucky symbols. As long as at the end of the day you get to win, who cares!

Our team has gone out of their way to come up with a few good luck charms for the money you could deploy and by chance, win! Stay with us.

Winning Good Luck Charms

Wondering about some of the goodluck charms to take to a casino, here are few selected ones you could consider:

1. It’s the Numbers

Spending the night at a five star rated hotel in Las Vegas will mean taking spending some time by the casino. Be on the lookout for the numerical good luck charms. Knowing and getting to understand the numerology around you can be a step closer to winning. Numbers around you can turn out to be good luck signs without you noticing.

To start with, certain numbers are contraindicated in Chinese culture and have proven to be symbols of disaster. The number 4, which in Cantonese means “die” is one you should avoid.

Flipping the note, the number 8 is treasured for its goodluck charms of prosperity. The numbers could get more complicated, don’t be scared though, no complicated math is cooking, but just a little knowledge on numerology.

The charm numbers 3, 6 and 9 have been used in combination with 8 to come up with favorable combinations proven to be good luck charms. The whole numerology thing is a mystery, but the essential message you ought to carry home is keeping off the number 4 and embrace charm numbers that have something to do with 8.

casino superstitions

2. Lucky Charm Penny

If at all you remember, back in the day during recess, you had a lucky penny experience or incidental good luck charms maybe at least once.

Just up and about minding your own, then boom! Some pretty bright silver is staring at you, and only then it dawns on you that it’s about time to hit the sweet stores or maybe you kept it. Despite the dirt and everything, you had something to look forward to. If at all this happened to you, chances are you kept a penny.

Well if you did, this might be one of the good luck signs you’ve been waiting for all this while.To make the luck charms even stronger, you coined in on your birth date, or maybe there’s something good that came out of it.

You kept the charm coin, and it’s now a personal talisman. A penny tops the excellent luck charms list, and you might be the next gambling king. Wherever it is, go for it and let’s get started. Whichever the appearance – old, new, shiny dull; it’s your unique good luck charms.

  • Soak the charm coin in tomato sauce for like 4 minutes, scrub using with a kitchen brush then wipe it clean.
  • Use a metal cleaner to cleanse the charm coin.
  • Soak the charm coin in lemon juice for few seconds then remove it.
  • Use a pencil to rub off the debris from the currency.

Whichever the approach you’ll opt for, ensure that once you finish, the penny is sparkling clean and you’ll be having your useful good luck symbols with you.

3. Rituals
Gamblers are fond of taking part in specific sets of routine and carrying good luck charms to get them to win. Some of these rituals ought to be done before dealing in hands, spinning the roulette wheel, or rolling the dice. The most popular used ritual good luck charms are:

  • The color red; this color is a Chinese symbol for luck, and other cultures agree that it is one of the best good luck charms. It’s for this reason that you’ll find most gamblers wearing red as either one of their clothing.
  • Dice setting; this good luck charms only work with craps. You decide to place the number 4 or 3 facing up. This is done on grounds the dice will land on them once they are rolled.
  • Crossing fingers: One of the good luck charms used by people since their childhood days.

crossed fingers4. Good Luck Charms Clothing

This is applicable in many life aspects besides gambling. Clothes have proven to have some metaphysical casino good luck spells besides keeping the skin covered. So far, there’s not been a proven source of clothes acting as good luck charms, but who knows, you might be the one!

5. Rabbit’s Foot

This is one of the most popular good luck charms that have proven effective over time. It’s a common belief among gamblers that carrying this around can help you win in everything you do. It’s quite common practice for gamblers to use good luck charms of holding a rabbit’s foot while gambling or you’d notice one hanging from their car keys.
6. Hats
Nowadays, people are wearing good luck charms hats while gambling. Don’t just go for any hat but rather one you had on the moment you won in the past. An NFL player won a big jackpot while playing casino at Club Nadir, imagine the headlines the good luck charm that is making. The player goes on to wear that hat each time he plays just so that he can have a repeat of the same.

7. Bad Luck Bills
The $50 bill is being avoided by most gamblers for the belief that it has unlucky charms. You, therefore, ought to avoid possessing this bill while gambling if you want good luck charms to be on your side.

8. Family Mementos

This is among the lucky Irish lucky charms that are believed to work. Carry with you a family memento that has been passed down through generations. This will act as a good luck charm and bring you good fortune in general.

Bring your luck to the casino with some of these winning good luck charms. Test your luck and see what’s up. Just remember that they are beliefs and not proven science.
Are you a winning gambler? 

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