8 Lucky Tips for the Traditional Bride-to-be

8 Lucky Tips for the Traditional Bride-to-be

Lucky Tips for the Traditional BrideProbably you have heard of good wedding omens, such as something old, new, borrowed, and blue or carrying the bride over the threshold. But, do you know about others?

There are more traditions that can bring you good luck on your wedding day, as well as a happy marriage. Keep on reading to find lucky tips for a bride-to-be, but more importantly, learn their origin.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue

You have probably heard of this tradition or at least seen it in the movies, but do you know what does it mean?

Wearing something old symbolizes the bride’s past, while on the other hand, something new represents the couple’s bright future. Something borrowed part refers to getting an object from somebody who is happily married hoping that some of the person’s good luck rubs off on the future bride. Finally, something blue signifies love and fidelity.

Therefore, make sure you wear something old, new, borrowed, and blue on your wedding day for good luck.

Rain on the big day

bride rainIf you are worried that the bad weather will ruin your wedding day, don’t be. Not only will you have interesting and funny stories to tell about your special day, but it will also bring you good luck.

In many cultures, rain on the wedding celebration is actually a good sign because it signifies fertility and cleansing. Who knows, maybe the heavy downpour on your wedding will bring you a new family member after nine months? So just relax and enjoy your special day!

Seeing each other before the wedding

Again, you are probably aware that seeing your future spouse before the wedding brings bad luck and that such marriage won’t last until death does you part.

This superstition comes from the period of arranged marriages. It was believed that if the newlyweds saw each other before the actual ceremony, they would have the opportunity to change their mind and cancel the wedding.

So, if you want to ensure the longevity of your marriage, avoid seeing your future partner before the ceremony. Plus, it will make your big day even more exciting and memorable.

Ringing bells on the wedding day

church bellsWedding bells aren’t just a nice touch to your celebration, but they also have their purpose. According to Irish wedding tradition, bells are chimed to make evil spirits go away and ensure a peaceful family life.

That’s sure don’t miss a chance to have ringing bells if you are getting married in a church. If not, you can place them as decorative elements, for instance as dining table decor.

Crying on your special day

It is quite common to get emotional on the wedding day and shed a tear. But, did you know that if a bride cries on her big day, it’s a good sign that brings good fortune? Yes, that’s right.

It means that the bride has shed all her tears, so she will not cry anymore during her marriage. Therefore, it is perfectly fine to get teary-eyed on your wedding day. Just don’t forget to put some waterproof mascara and you are ready to go!

Avoid knives as wedding gifts

Did you know that it is bad luck to give knives as a wedding present? As stated by folklore, it is. A knife symbolizes a broken relationship, so it should be avoided around the newlyweds.

For that reason, in the case they are on your registry, just give the present giver a penny. In that way, you will basically buy it and annul all negative consequences.

Carrying a new wife across the threshold

carrying brideThis tradition has two origins. The first one is that in Medieval Europe, it was disgraceful for a woman to look forward to losing her virginity. So, if the groom would carry the bride over the threshold, then she wouldn’t look too enthusiastic about consummating the marriage.

The second belief was that a bride was very vulnerable to malicious spirits through the soles of her feet. Therefore, to prevent bringing in evil spirits, the groom would carry the bride into a new home.

Also, today this can be a romantic gesture to step into a common future.

Wearing a veil

Probably you thought that a veil is just a traditional accessory, but this fashionable addition can bring you good luck on your wedding day.

This custom dates back to the Roman period. The bride would wear a veil to hide and camouflage herself from evil spirits that were envious of her happiness. That way, she would be protected and they wouldn’t harm her.

Not only will wearing a veil make you pretty and mystic, but it will also help you avoid any ill.

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Final thoughts

Once that you have discovered some common customs that bring good luck and their origin, you can adopt the ones that you prefer and enjoy happily, harmonious marriage.

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