About me:

My name is I. Johanne. I am getting close to retirement. I am a grandmother. I have two granddaughters. Naturally I believe they are the most precious little girls in the universe!

I have been a teacher most of my life with a major in religion and history.

About me

I truly enjoy reading and learning. I find culture studies tremendously fascinating. Although this site is mostly entertaining, I have put a lot of work into it. I have tried to be as fair and actuate as possible, studying tons of books about culture and superstitions.

English is not my mother tongue and I do apologize for any grammar mistakes I may have made. I presently reside in Northern Europe, but I do have plans to retire to Spain. Norway is beautiful, but extremely expensive and equally cold during the winter months.

I hope you will enjoy my website. I will be adding pages on a regular basis. Please do come back soon. I would truly appreciate it if you would share my site, which is of course totally up to you.

Thank you ever so much for visiting my website!

I wish you all the best! Have a wonderful day!

I. Johanne