Amethyst gemstones

Amethyst is the birthstone of February. The Zodiac sign connected to amethyst is Pisces (19 February – 21 March).  

It is also the gemstone for the 6th and 17th anniversary.

The gemstone is connected to the weekday of Wednesday.

Amethyst is associated with positive energy. Anyone wanting to get rid of negative thoughts might want to consider this gemstone. It is kind of a “Don’t worry, stay calm and be happy” gemstone.

Amethyst is widely known as a spiritual stone. It was a still is used by many bishops in the Christian church. Often bishops took to wearing a ring with this stone.

Not only bishops but also quite ordinary (an extraordinary) people may wear amethyst to strengthen and understand their own spirituality. These people are in search of inner peace or may already have found their inner peace.

Amethyst is the perfect stone for anyone who wants peace of mind and tranquility. I suppose that basically just about includes the majority of the world’s population.

Amethyst is also considered a protective stone. Certainly if your intent is to have inner peace you do also need to know you are protected from evil forces.

Amethyst is the state gemstone of South Carolina.

Protection against drunkenness

Amethyst has a long history as the stone which protects against drunkenness. This is also reflected in its name. The word “amethyst” actually comes from Greek meaning “non-intoxicating”.

An old superstition states that amethyst protects against drunkenness.

In Ancient Greece and Rome it was not uncommon (among the wealthy) to have goblets made of amethyst. The participants of parties who did not wish to get drunk would pour water into their goblet instead of wine. The purple color from the amethyst goblet would make the water look like wine. The idea was to fool the others to believe they were drinking wine while their main goal was to keep a clear head.

Legend of Amethyst

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome has thousands of fascinating legends. In both these cultures the legends and stories are very similar with the exception the gods and goddesses have different names.

The god of wine is called Bacchus in Ancient Rome and Dionysus in Ancient Greece. The goddess of wildlife and hunting was called Artemis in Ancient Greece and Diana in Ancient Rome.

There are several versions of this legend. Here is one version often told.

Dionysus, the wine god was known to have a fierce temper. At one time he was extremely upset with the human race. He felt ignored and that made him furious.

He decided to teach the humans a lesson. He would make wild tigers attack and kill the first human to come walking down a certain path.

As it happened the first human to arrive on the pathway was a beautiful young woman named Amethyst. She was on her way to the shrine of Artemis.

As she was walking she suddenly heard strange sounds behind her. As she turned around to look she saw wild tigers headed her way. Amethyst was in shock. She screamed in terror while calling out to Artemis.

Artemis came at the last moment. It was too late to save the lovely young woman. Determined to at least save her from a horrific and painful death, Artemis transformed Amethyst into a clear pillar of stone. Now the tigers could not harm her, but she would have to be a stone for eternity.

In the meantime Dionysus had calmed down. He discovered what had happened to the poor, innocent young maiden.

 amethyst stone

Dionysus was filled with remorse. As an offering to the victim of his tantrum he poured his favorite wine over the rock that once was a gorgeous woman.  That is how Amethyst came purple.

Another ending tells how Dionysus went to the rock and cried regretting what he had done. Dionysus being the god of wine had tears made from wine. His tears landed on the rock and it turned purple.

Saint Valentine

Some claim that Valentine wore a ring with an amethyst stone. A symbol of cupid was engraved in the stone.  Valentine was a priest in Rome who executed on February 14th 269 A.D.

It is told that Emperor Claudius II frowned on weddings. He did not want his soldiers to get distracted.

 amethyst love

Roman soldiers who were eager to tie the knot would recognize the “Love ring” and ask Valentine to perform a wedding in secret.

As Saint Valentine is associated with this gemstone it has become a symbol of love.

Some claim that amethyst has helped them attract true love.

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