exams superstitions

Ingredients for Luck in Exams

Do you need good luck in exams? Here is a list of good luck exam superstitions in use by college student in different cultures. Written by: Kenny Gill
Luck getting job

How to Improve Luck in Career

Tips for Getting a Job: How to improve your luck and get the job of your dreams. Turn your luck around and change impossibilities into possibilities. Written by: Allen Cranston
tea symbolism

Superstitions and Symbols in a Cup of Tea

Superstitions and Symbols in a Cup of Tea - How to Start Tea Reading Process - What Symbols in Tea Leaves Mean - Symbolism in a cup of tea. Read more here! Written by: Alison Hefer
bride superstitions

8 Lucky Tips for the Traditional Bride-to-be

Learn their origin, history and meaning of wedding traditions and superstitions. Discover 8 Lucky Tips for the Traditional Bride-to-be! Read more here. Written by Kurt Walker

7 Common Writer Superstitions

7 Common Writer Superstitions - Famous Authors and their superstitious quirks when writing a bestseller. Discover some of the most common superstitions writers share, some are quite surprising! Written by: Paul Bates, https://www.paper-research.com/
Good Luck Symbols in Talismans and Amulets

Using Good Luck Symbols in Talismans and Amulets

Throughout history, different symbols have been attributed to good luck and used to ward off evil. These ancient symbols are still used today in the crafting of talismans and amulets. Read more here. Written by: David Weitzman, Jewelry Artist - https://www.ka-gold-jewelry.com/
Optimize Your Workplace Feng Shui

How To Optimize Your Workplace Feng Shui

Optimizing your office can be a great way to make your company more successful and boost everything you do without needing to change all that much. Great tips to get started today! Written by Chloe Bennet. https://revieweal.com/top-eu-writing-services/

7 Feng Shui Tips For Your Dorm Room That Will Bring You Luck

Discover 7 ways to Feng Shui your dorm room for better luck - Use color psychology - Proper desk placement and more. Create a good chi flow in your tiny dorm room starting now! Written by: Freddie Tubbs, a lifestyle and yoga blogger at Academized.com
good luck family pictures

Good Luck Photos

Bring Luck To Your Home With Good Luck Photos. Discover the power of pictures. Use photos to strengthen the power of symbols to bring luck, prosperity, health and peace of mind! Find out more! Written by: Chase Bowler https://www.canvaspop.com/

Complete Guide to Yin Yang

Your Complete Guide to Yin Yang - Discover the meaning of Yin Yang - Learn the Concepts of Yin Yang. Using Yin Yang - Everything is connected! Read more! By Katrina Hatchett, a lifestyle blogger at AcademicBrits.com