Chimney Sweep

 Good Luck at Weddings

Chimney sweep

In England it is considered very lucky to see a chimney sweep on your wedding day. This applies to both the bride and the groom.

The bride who receives a kiss from a chimney sweep is especially fortunate. The groom will aim to shake his hand for good luck on his wedding day.

Why a chimney sweep is good luck

There are several legends concerning the reason chimney sweeps are bringers of luck.

Legend 1 – King George III saved by a chimney sweeper

It all started when King George III reigned in England. The king was riding his horse through the streets of London.

All of a sudden a dog starts barking. The barking dog startled the horse and caused the animal to panic. The horse was out of control.

A chimney sweeper was the only courageous bystander and hurried out from the crowd and got hold of the horse. He managed to calm the frightened horse, thus saving the king’s life.

King George III was extremely grateful. He announced that from that day forward all chimney sweepers were to be considered auspicious and demanded they be treated with respect.

Ever since that episode chimney sweeps have been a sign of good luck in England.

Legend 2 King William of Britain 1066

This legend is similar to the one above, but goes further back in history to King William. The king was walking peacefully down a road. A chimney sweep stood observing the king. Out of the blue a runaway carriage is headed straight for the king.

Without hesitating the chimney sweep pushes the king off the road and thereby saved his life.

The king showed immense gratitude and declared that all chimney sweeps from that day on were to be considered good luck.

The king took no chances and invited the chimney sweep to his daughter’s wedding to secure it would be a happy day.

Legend 3 The Chimney Sweep who fell down and fell in love

lucky chimney sweep

Once there was a chimney sweep who fell down. Fortunately his foot got caught in a gutter. The problem was that he was stuck dangling upside down.

A young woman living inside the house heard the commotion outside. Opening the window she found the man hanging upside down.

With determination and tact she managed to pull him inside through the window.  She had saved his life.

The young woman was engaged to be married to a man she was uncertain about. As it turned out the chimney sweep and the maiden fell madly in love.

The woman broke her engagement to the other man and married the chimney sweep. They lived happily ever after.

A Chimney Sweep brings luck to a royal wedding

Watching old films of the wedding day of Princess Elizabeth (future Queen Elizabeth II) and Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, we see a chimney sweep standing outside the entrance door of Kensington palace. Prince Philip shakes the hand of the chimney sweep.

Chimney Sweeps for Good Luck at Weddings

Having a chimney sweep appear at the wedding is to this day considered quite auspicious. Many chimney sweeps have taken advantage of this superstition and made it a lucrative business.

Wedding couples can now order a chimney sweep to come to their wedding. It is becoming increasingly popular.

Seeing a chimney sweep is not only lucky for a bride and groom. It was thought to be very lucky for any man or woman to see these auspicious workers at any time. In the beginning of the 20th century it was not uncommon for men to bow and women to curtsy when they met chimney sweepers.

Chimney Sweeps as a New Year Symbol

chimney sweep happy new year

In Germany, Austria and Hungary chimney sweeps are especially lucky at New Year. Chimney sweep ornaments are very popular as accessories to flower bouquets and candy.  It is a typical symbol of wishing you good luck in the coming year.

Seeing a chimney sweep on New Years’ Day ensures a favorable year.

Chimney sweeps are considered lucky in Poland, Croatia and Slovenia.

It is told that charms of chimney sweepers are good Luck.

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