Chinese Lucky Character

Chinese lucky character symbols

Using a Chinese lucky character is a wonderful way of enhancing good feelings and luck into our lives.

The Chinese have used lucky characters and calligraphy for centuries. This is nothing new.

They have been incorporated on just about   any item out there.

It is quite common to find Chinese lucky characters and sayings on scrolls and in pictures.

Fu – Chinese Lucky Character for Good Fortune

福 Fu is the ultimate good luck character. It means good fortune, wealth and  good luck.

Chinese Lucky character fu

Fu is great to use as an amulet. It has been used as a talisman since ancient times. The ideogram of Fu shows God’s blessing of the farmland.

The “farm” is divided into four parts which refers to the four directions and four elements.This blessing is complete.

Wearing a charm with the Fu character is a powerful good luck symbol.

Hiper Fu Store

Many Chinese shops and restaurants add the word Fu to the name.

This is done to bring good luck to the business.

Chinese Fu character upside down

The word Fu also resembles the Chinese word for bat, which is one reason bats also are auspicious in China. Bats are especially lucky in numbers of five.

The Chinese character Fu is often seen upside down especially during Chinese New Year. This is observed when hanging by the entrance of a home or business.

The reason is that the words for upside down and arrive (dáo) are quite similar. The meaning of hanging the character Fu upside down is “Good fortune is arriving”.

Fu is also the name of one of the Three Star Gods.

Double Happiness

Chinese Double Happiness Symbol

喜喜The symbol of happiness (shuāngxǐ ) repeated twice is an extremely auspicious for everything that concerns relationships and love.

Naturally this is a lucky character used at weddings.

All sorts of items with this character make wonderful wedding gifts. It is the ultimate lucky symbol for newlyweds.

Many may use jewelry with the double happiness symbol to enhance a perfect love life.

It is also a favorite for placing in the bedroom to enhance a happy love life.

Those who are single and desire a great love life would do wise to surround themselves with this character.

Feng Shui

The Chinese Character for Love

Love in Chinese charater

Speaking of love, the Chinese character for love is probably one you should be familiar with. Love is a language understood worldwide. It is universal.

It is a wonderful symbol to remind yours elf how important it is to bring love into our world.

Gifting a love symbol for you to keep for yourself is a nice gesture. As any therapist will tell you, you need to love yourself first before you can love others.

It is also nice to give away to someone special in your life. Most women would be very happy to receive a symbol of love.

Shòu – Chinese Lucky Character for Longevity

shou Chinese lucky character

寿 Shou is the character for longevity. It is a popular character to use on birthdays. We all wish a long life.

It is especially common to use this character on birthday cards and gifts for elderly people.  Long life is obviously also associated with good health. This is a powerful symbol.

Shou pattern Chinese plate
Shou pattern on Chinese plate

The calligraphic version of Shou (longevity) is quite nice. It can be found in many places and commonly used on objects of all kinds; ceramics, jewelry, furniture and so on.

When you become aware of Shou you start to recognize this symbol all over the place.

Many restaurants may also use this character. Eating good and healthy food is one way of obtaining a long life. It is no matter what a wonderful gesture to wish someone a long life.

Shou is also the name one of the Star Gods representing longevity.

Chinese symbol lucky

Chinese Character for Lucky

As this website is evolving around good lucky symbols it is only fair to include the Chinese character for “lucky”.

Order your Lucky Chinese Character today

It is fairly easy to recognize. It may not be as much used as the Fu symbol, but none the less a good character to know.

Chinese Zodiac Characters

Chinese Zodiac

For those of you who are into astrology wearing your Chinese astrology symbol may bring you extra luck.

It may just reinforce the positive traits of your sign.

Chinese Best wishes saying

If you are uncertain what animal year you were born in, you can check it out on the page about Chinese New Year

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Chinese Lucky Character

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