Citrine Gemstone

Citrine Gemstone – The Money Gemstone

Citrine gemstone

The Citrine gemstone is widely known as «the money gemstone». Many also call it “the merchant’s gemstone”.

Wear this gemstone to attract money.

Citrine has a very old reputation for attracting prosperity to its owner. It helps the owner hold on to wealth and money. Another popular name for the Citrine is the “abundance stone”.

You should own at least one piece of Citrine jewelry if you are seeking to empower the ability to attract money.

Remember to place this gemstone in the wealth corner of your home. The wealth corner is the far left corner seen from the entrance of your room or home.

Citrine gemstone meaning

You can also place a Citrine in your money jar or piggybank. You may choose to keep a Citrine in your wallet.

Many merchants who believe in the power of gemstones place a Citrine in or close by their cash register.

That is how the name “the merchant’s gemstone” came about. The Citrine gemstone is indeed considered very lucky for anyone engaged in a business.

Wear a Citrine Gemstone to Enhance Positive Energy

Many use this gemstone as an amulet for the reason that it does not accumulate any negative energy. This gemstone does not require any cleansing. The Citrine gemstone is connected to the strong powers of the sun.

This stone promotes joy and optimism. It helps you stay positive and explore new possibilities. It is the stone of encouragement and creativity.  

Citrine promotes inner peace and assists in finding good solutions in difficult times. It helps you to stay calm and carry on. As a result you may find your self-confidence strengthened.  

Anger and fear are repelled by this gemstone for the believer. Wearing this gemstone should make you feel happier and more content. This is a “look at the bright side of life” gemstone.

It is also used by many as a protective stone when travelling as it resists negativity.

Citrine Gemstone as a Birthstone and Anniversary Stone

Citrine is the alternative birthstone for November. The most recognized birthstone for November is the yellow Topaz.

Citrine is also the anniversary stone of the 13th wedding anniversary. Jewelry containing a Citrine gemstone is the perfect gift for the 13th anniversary. It is also a much more meaningful and lasting gift than the traditional box of candy or flowers.

About the Citrine Gemstone

The name comes from the French word “citron” which means lemon.

This gemstone is a variety of quartz in its natural form. In its natural form it is often referred to as yellow quartz.

Citrine is commonly created by heat treating the Amethyst gemstone. Actually this is how over 90% of the citrines sold as jewelry today are made. They heat amethyst to about 470 degrees to create citrine.

Natural Citrine has been found in Spain, Scotland and France. Today most of the natural Citrine is minded in Brazil. Natural Citrine is more clouded and paler than Citrine created from Amethyst.  

On Mohs´ hardness it is a number 7.  The Citrine gemstone does not have any cleavage problems making it a great stone for cutting into all kinds of shapes. The Citrine is also resistant to scratches.

It is inexpensive, beautiful and powerful. You can enjoy your Citrine gemstone for years and years. Stay happy and positive with the Citrine stone!

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