Clothing Superstitions

clothing superstitions

Discover some common clothing superstitions for good luck.

If you put on a piece of clothing inside out by accident, it could be your lucky day. You may not notice your mistake before bedtime.

If someone points out your mistake, just smile and be happy. Do not correct your mistake. If you take your clothing off and put it on correctly, your good luck will be gone.

The same applies to socks. Putting on socks inside out without intension is good luck. You must wear them inside out all day to keep your luck.

Clothing Superstitions: Buttons

It is time to check your clothes. Having an odd number of buttons on your garments is believed to bring you special luck.

If your garment has an even number of buttons you simply need to sew an extra button on it.

button superstitions

Giving and receiving buttons has always been considered lucky. It symbolizes a long and strong friendship.

It you find a button by chance, be sure to pick it up and keep it. The best place to keep a found button is in your pocket. That button is a good luck token.

A jar full of buttons is also believed to bring good luck. Your next hobby may just become collecting buttons.

Put a Coin in the Pocket

Put a coin in the pocket of any new clothes you purchase before wearing them for the first time. The coin should never be spent. Keeping a lucky coin in your pocket is considered very lucky.

Clothing Superstitions: Wear Clothes with Polka Dots

polka dot dress good luck

This is an old superstition found many places around the world. Wearing clothes with polka dots is said to attract wealth.

The small round shapes resemble an overflow of coins coming into your life.

polka dot tie good luck

Women who feel the urge to attract more money need to choose to wear clothing with polka dots.

This works for men equally as well. Men should include polka dots in their wardrobe to attract wealth.

You could also try accessories with polka dots.

Some people just are not into polka dots. They may go for other clothing containing some sort of lucky symbol.

Keep Your Dreams Alive

Choose clothes or accessories that remind you of your wishes and dreams.

Try to find your lucky clothes that will keep your dreams alive and remind you about them every time you wear them. This might just work wonders!

For example if you dream of travelling abroad, choose clothes or accessories with map images.

Wear something Blue

Many believe blue is the lucky color to attract success. Blue is the color of the sky and heavens. Wearing blue symbolizes looking up towards endless possibilities.

We all know a traditional bride should wear something blue for luck.

Belt Superstition

Wearing a belt wrapped around your body will protect you from sorcery. Be careful where you throw an old and worn out belt away.

You need to make sure a witch never gets her hands on your belt. This is an old superstition and we suspect most people do not follow this belief anymore.

Socks with Holes

If you discover you are wearing a sock or stockings with a hole you can count yourself lucky. You may have good luck for the remainder of the day.

Do not wear the sock or stockings with the hole a second day, especially if you do it intentionally. That will bring bad luck. Purchase some new socks.

Putting on Your Sweater

When you put on your sweater remember to pull your arms through the sleeves of the sweater before pulling it over your head. Supposedly this action is to protect you from drowning.

(We highly recommend you also learn to be a good swimmer!)

Giving Away Your Old Clothes

Giving away clothes you do not use anymore is a good deed. There is one exception to this rule.

Never give your old clothes to old people or very sick people. That will only bring you very bad luck.

Come on now – if anyone deserves some new clothes it certainly is the elderly and the sick.

Anything that makes them feel loved and valued is absolutely worth it. This is when you want to brighten up their day. Giving them old clothes will not do the trick.

Yellow Clothes Superstition in Spain

yellow clothes unlucky

Yellow is a bright and beautiful color, the color of the sun. You would think this color is pure joy in sunny Spain. Sadly, this is not the case for the superstitious.

In Spain you are advised never to give yellow clothes as a gift. If the person receiving the gift is superstitious that gift may have cost you your friendship. Gifting yellow clothes is a bad signal, you are sending the message that you wish the receiver nothing but bad luck.

Wearing yellow clothes in Spain is acceptable in most situations with a couple exceptions. You would never show up for a job interview in yellow clothes. Wear yellow and you certainly can forget about getting that job, according to superstition.

Likewise, if you aim to do well on your exam you must never consider putting on yellow clothes on the day you are taking an exam.

Shoe Superstitions

If your shoelaces keep coming untied even though you tied your shoe as you normally do, you need to keep checking your mailbox. Good news will be arriving soon, most probably by mail.

Never ever place shoes on a table or on a bed. It is very bad luck. You can expect to get involved in a bad quarrel.

Another more practical side to the matter is of course that it is very unhygienic. Just think of what your shoes may have stepped on outside.

shoe gift superstition

If your lover gifts you a pair of shoes, your future together may not seem too bright.

According to superstition it means he or she wishes you to walk away. You need to really try to rescue your relationship or walk away.

Another version of this superstition is that if you receive a pair of shoes you must immediately give a coin back to the person who gifted you the shoes.

If you do not give a coin, one of you will soon walk away from the relationship.

barefoot superstition

Once in your lifetime you need to donate a pair of shoes to a needy person. An old saying says if you don’t, you will go barefoot in your next life.

So folks, it is high time to donate those shoes you never wore to a homeless shelter.

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