Lucky Coins

Coins have a long history of bringing good luck. Coins are the obvious symbol of prosperity and wealth.

Coins with Holes Superstiton

It is told that coins with holes are especially auspicious. An old superstition from England tells us that if you always carry a coin with a hole in your purse or pocket, you will never be without money.

During a new moon you must take your coin with the hole out of your pocket or purse.

Hold the coin in your hand and spit on it for good luck. Return the coin to your pocket.

Common Lucky Coins

Coins minted in a leap year are promising luck bringers.

Personal lucky coins may include a coin minted in the year you were born or a year that is special.

A special year could be your wedding year, the year you got your first job, your graduation year and so on. It could be any year.

The only condition is that it holds happy memories for you. So from now on be sure to check what year your coins were minted. You may just come across a personal lucky coin.

Jar of Coins

Keep a jar of coins in your kitchen to bring prosperity and wealth into the household.

Bent, crooked or damaged coins are always lucky. If you find a bent coin you can count your blessings. Some give a bent coin to a person they care deeply about for good luck.

Always keep a penny in your pocket for luck. Never leave your house with an empty wallet.

Never give someone a purse or wallet without putting a little money in it first.

If you gift someone an empty purse or wallet you are wishing the receiver “an empty purse”. That is not very nice.

Coins and the new moon seem to go together. When you spot a new moon remember to turn the coins in your pocket around.

This action is told to ensure financial success for the next month.

Pocket Piece Coin

A coin pocket piece is a very special coin kept in your pocket at all times. Preferably it is an ancient or rare coin. It could also be a coin with a lucky symbol.

Putting your hand in your pocket and touching your special pocket piece gives a sense of security and hopefully leads to prosperous thoughts and actions.

It is meant to keep you on the right path leading towards prosperity.

It is widely known that US President Theodore Roosevelt owned a pocket piece. The coin he always kept in his pocket was an Ancient Greek with an owl symbol, almost 2,500 years old.

The pocket piece is never to be spent. Keeping a pocket piece for luck is more common than you would think.

If you do not have a rare or ancient coin, you can use any nice coin that is of special significance. The only rule is that you never spend it.

Find a Lucky Coin Superstition

Be sure to take a closer look at the coin you found on the street before picking it up. If the heads side is facing up you can expect many more coins.

Some believe it is good luck if you find a coin outside during a storm. These coins are said to have fallen from heaven and are extremely auspicious.

Do not cuddle up by the fireplace during a storm. Put on your rain coat and go coin hunting!

If this is too much to ask, you can always go coin hunting as soon as the storm is over.

Lucky Silver Dime – Mercury

Mercury dime

In the United States the American silver dime is considered extremely auspicious.

Lucky was the person who owned a silver dime produced in a leap year, yet all silver dimes are considered lucky.

The lucky silver dimes were minted from 1916 to 1945. They consisted of 90 % silver and 10% copper.

The coin was nicknamed “Mercury” as many people believed the figure on the coin resembled the Roman god named Mercury.

Actually the figure on the silver dime is the head of Liberty. The wings on her cap were intended to represent freedom of thought.

Still the coin is widely known as “Mercury”.

Mercury was the messenger god. Mercury protected trade and commerce. He was associated with prosperity and peace.

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In Ancient Greek he was called Hermes. Mercury is recognized by his winged hat and his staff.

Sixpence Coin – The Ultimate Wedding Coin

Sixpence is the old British coin that was in circulation from 1551 until 1980.

The sixpence is thought to be very auspicious for the bride. A sixpence coin is placed in her left shoe, often by the father.

Keeping the coin in her shoe will ensure a prosperous marriage.

This tradition goes way back to England when Elizabeth I ruled.

An old English rhyme from Victorian times tells illustrates this wedding tradition: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence for her shoe.”

It is still popular in Britain as well as in the United States to give a sixpence or other special coin as a wedding gift.

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The coin represents wishes for prosperity and happiness in marriage.

Touch Pieces – Healing Coins

Touch Pieces or Touch coins are coins that have been touched by leaders of society believed to have their authority from God. These coins were extremely auspicious and had healing powers.

Kings and Queens of England and France embraced this practice. These Touching ceremonies lasted up until 1714.

Clergymen were also involved in handing out or even selling healing coins. These were coins that had been given during communion and told to have healing powers to the believer.

There are many accounts of people being cured by this method. Those who remained ill were accused of not having faith.

This goes to show the healing power through faith was commonly accepted in history.

Actually this practice is very old. It started in Ancient Rome when the Emperor Vespasian (69-79AD) initiated ceremonies during which he would hand out coins to the sick.

This ceremony became known as “The Touching”.

Feng Shui Coins – Chinese Lucky Coins

The Chinese lucky coins are told to attract wealth and success.

They look like old coins. They are round and have a square hole in the middle. The round shape represents the heavens. The square is a symbol of the four corners of the earth.

3 Feng Shui Chinese Lucky Coins

The lucky Feng Shui coins should always be tied together using a red ribbon or thread. The red ribbon activates the power of the coins. The very best are the ones tied with an endless knot.

Three coins tied together is a very good choice. This represents the heavens, earth and mankind. Never use four coins together as that is bad luck. You should also avoid five.

Nine coins tied together are also very auspicious as a wealth bringer.

Hang some Chinese coins on the inside of your front door.

Do not hang Chinese coins on your back door if you have one. If you hang them on your back door your money luck will leave the house.

Also do not hang the coins on the outside of the door. A better choice for outside the door would be bells.

Place three Chinese coins on top of your most important documents. Remember to tie them together with a red ribbon. You can also place three coins on your computer.

When placing the coins on an important object remember to have the Yang side facing up for best results.

The Yang side is the side with the four characters. The Yin side has two characters.

Chinese Lucky Coins in purse

Keep three lucky coins in your purse or wallet at all times. This will ensure you will always have some cash.

Some prefer to wear the lucky Chinese coins as amulets. A necklace or earrings containing a Chinese coin could also be a good choice.

Fasten three Chinese lucky coins to any gift you give away. This will bring double happiness.

You thereby give the receiver wishes of wealth, prosperity and happiness.

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You yourself will also be blessed for giving generous and unselfish wishes to another person.

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