Country Luck

Welcome to country luck; superstitions and good luck symbols around the world.Country luck map

Whether we are prepared to admit it out loud or not, we have all got our superstitions.

Sometimes they can be well within stereotype or cliché. Other times they might be things we do not readily recognize as inherently superstitious.
Our favorite shirt, our favorite seat in the classroom or at the dinner table, or simply things we instinctively avoid without knowing exactly why.

Every country and region possess its own brand of superstitious thought, some more widespread than others, some humorous and some way too serious.

Here we explore superstitions around the world. You may discover that some superstitions are universal. The same beliefs are found in many different countries with slight variations.

You will also discover some quite strange and bizarre superstitions which may only apply locally in a specific country.
Enjoy your travels through different countries while unraveling the culture, folklore and superstitions people around the world.

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