Crickets Symbolism

Crickets lucky insects
House cricket (Acheta domestica)

Crickets seem to be an almost forgotten good luck symbol. They certainly have been a symbol of luck and are still loved by many.

This may be because it is believe that crickets made us happy. The cheerful chirp does magical wonders on humans making them in a happy mood.

In fact many say that the gods or God sent us the cricket to remind us to be happy. A happy person surely has a good life!

William Shakespeare was familiar with crickets being associated with happiness.

In scene IV of his play Henry IV Prince Henry asks Poins “Shall we be merry?” Poins answers “As merry as crickets, my lad.”

Wealth and Good Fortune

In many countries around the world the cricket is a symbol of wealth and good luck.

It was believed in many places in Europe that the cricket brought with it a promise of good fortune and riches coming to the family.

Some still insist wearing a cricket amulet or charm will increase the attraction of wealth.

Having a cricket in the kitchen or near the hearth is especially lucky and is said to bring good fortune to the home.

Cricket lucky Dickens

“It’s merrier than ever tonight, I think.” “And it’s sure to bring us good fortune; John! It always has done so.

To have a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing in the world!” Charles Dickens,The Cricket on the Hearth (1846)

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In Ireland and parts of the United States crickets were called “Old Folks”. There was a superstition that they were hundreds of years old.

They could tell you about all that had happened and the history of their home. That is if you could understand their chirping.

Their singing also kept the fairies away during the night. It was considered a soothing sound and all could sleep safely.

Symbol of Life

The Chinese observed that the crickets lay their eggs in the soil and lives underground as lava.

They then emerge and transform into the imago. This was earlier seen as the three fold symbol of life, death and resurrection.

Chrickets Singing

It is only the male crickets who continuously produce the enjoyable chirp by rubbing their wings together. The left forewing has lots of “teeth”, sort of like a comb.

When the left forewing is rubbed against the right forewing they produce the famous and well-known chirp.

The male credits do this for love; to attract female crickets. They may produce their “music” for hours and hours.

In ancient Greece the cricket was sacred to Apollo. Apollo was the god of music, fortune telling, the sun and healing.

Crickets Guarding the Home

In China it was quite common to keep crickets in small cages. These insects did a wonderful job as “watch dogs”.

Their load singing was a sign that all was safe and good. The crickets knew its human family and friends.

If a stranger came to the house during the night the crickets stopped singing. The sudden silence would wake up the family members.

This was a warning that someone was approaching that did not belong to the household.

Eating Crickets

Crickets have throughout history been a lucky insect to have in the kitchen. Lately it seems that they are returning to the kitchen.

More and more people have become aware of the nutrition side of the matter. People in Asia seem to love them.

An increasing number of people in the West are also getting into eating insects.

Millions today seem to think that it is luckier to have a cricket on their plate than on the hearth.



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  1. A cricket come into my home. He settled in the kitchen western side of our home. I’m letting him stay. They eat food like we eat, and grass they are good luck wealth and prosperity. Yesterday I see the Angel number 4448 very awesome number and very interesting..

    • Congratulation Avis! You are among the lucky people who knows
      how find joy in your surroundings! You surely will attract lots of luck and happiness in your life!

  2. I felt something on my head as I was reading my car bill. I ignored it and then I felt it hop up and down on
    my head. I swapped at it and it fell on my bed. I screamed my daughter came in and tried to kill it with a sneaker and then my other daughter came in and cupped it in her hands and took it outside. I too was trying to figure out how it got in my room. I live on the 2nd floor.

  3. I was woken up by a cricket in my bedroom I got up because it was so loud I was smiling because I could not believe it was inside and I wondered how it got in my room its the hopes of good luck couldn’t sleep had to go to another room because it was so loud 🤣

  4. I have 2 right inside my door way I feel blessed because I am feeling happy god has blessed me already and promised me my hearts desires and he is in control I am feeling all good things are coming and here thank you Jesus for all.

  5. This is actually a reply to John‘s comment. I’m surprise you’re not like most people and haven’t squashed it. I’m glad not everybody’s first instinct is to squash the insects. They’re here for a reason too. I’m one of them kind of people I actually rehome the spiders I find in the house and put them outside.

    • Why rehome them even? Spider get rid of unwanted house insects like flies and fruit flies, they’re super helpful. Mexicans usually don’t mess with spiders because it’s their job to keep the other bugs at bay.

      • In Australia we have to put certain ones outside, they are too dangerous to leave around in the house. I never remove daddy long legs, they keep the bad spiders away

  6. I have had/have a pretty big female cricket I think cause doesn’t chirp but it’s been in my room allmost a week and is always right by me. As I’m texting this the cricket is almost on my lap right now sure seems to like being with me by my pillow on my lap wandering if this could mean something 🤗😇🤔🤔🤔😎😎


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