Diamond – April Birthstone

Diamond is the birthstone of April. It is also the gemstone for the 60th anniversary, known as the Diamond Jubilee.

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The word diamond comes from the Ancient Greek word “adámas” meaning unconquerable force, unbreakable. It is the hardest of all minerals.

Diamond Symbolic Meaning

The diamond is a symbol of purity and absolute truth. Diamonds are a strong symbol of universal sovereignty.

It is also a symbol of faithfulness.  The diamond is also widely known as a symbol of love, marriage and sincerity. This may be one reason it is an immensely popular stone for engagement rings.

Diamonds symbolizes clarity. If you want to finally fulfill your purpose in life it is time to wear a diamond. This stone will clear away all uncertainty and help you reach your true potential.

Diamonds as a lucky symbol is said to enhance power and success to the wearer. This gemstone is said to improve the self-esteem of the wearer. We guess anyone wearing a precious stone may feel a little good!

The diamond has a long tradition of being associated with the Sun and Venus.

Dreaming about diamonds symbolize victory over your enemies. From Ancient times many believed wearing a diamond on your left side would ensure victory no matter how strong your enemy was. You would have to hope your enemies did not also wear one.

Diamonds for Men Only

During the Middle Ages it was not common for women to wear diamonds. Only men wore diamonds. The diamond at that time symbolized invincibility and bravery. As these qualities were observed as virtues of the male, it was most improper for women to wear diamonds.

King Louis IV of France (1214-1270) took the claim to heart and proclaimed that all women were forbidden to wear diamonds. He argued that the only woman worthy enough to wear a diamond was the Virgin Mary.

King Louis IV is mostly known as Saint Louis. He is the only French monarch ever to be canonized. He is one of the patron saints of France.

Two hundred year would pass before women could start wearing diamond jewelry.

Talisman against threats of the night

In old Western tradition the diamonds drive away all terrors of the night. These threats included everything from wild animals to ghosts and sorcerers.

Pliny of Ancient Rome (23 AD –79AD) claimed this precious stone could drive away all evil spirits and also prevent nightmares.

Pliny also claimed that diamonds were a universal talisman. This stone was preservative against all diseases according to Pliny. The only sad thing about this powerful talisman was that not very many people processed such a powerful talisman at that time and age.

Saint Hildegarde of Bingen (1098-1179) claimed the diamond was one of the devil’s worst enemies. This because this stone resisted all evil powers around the clock, both night and day.

She wrote that if you made the sign of the cross while holding a diamond in the other hand it was sure to stimulate the beneficial power of the stone. It was also believed at the time that this gemstone could cure insanity.

Is your diamond real or fake?

Sadly there are quite a few scam artists around the world. Many people unfortunately pay huge sum of money for jewelry only to later find out they have been ripped off.

When dealing with this most precious gemstone, you always want to make sure your diamond is genuine. There are so many imitations on the market, don’t get a fake one unknowingly.

There is a simple way to test your jewelry. It is called a diamon tester. If you own any diamonds or are planning to purchase one or more, you truly should consider getting tester equipment. Some of the more advanced testers will also be able to test other gemstones, including gold and silver. They are lots of fun when testing old jewelry.

It is a small devise. It does not cost much. It is easy to use. You just need to make sure your gem is cool before starting the test. Hold your gemstone under running cold water and then dry it off. Just make sure you don’t lose your gemstone down the drain.

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