Dog Symbolism

Dog Symbolism & Meaning

dog symbolism

Dog symbolism is common in many cultures because this animal is loyal, compassionate, and empathic. Animal symbolism can be found in dreams, art, myths, and animal guides. Dog symbolism can be interpreted in several ways.

Dog Symbolism

Dogs represent different meanings to cultures and religions around the world. In some cultures, they are thought to be a connection between the physical and the spiritual world.

In others like the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, dogs were seen as sacred beings. To make it easier to understand dog symbolism and meaning, we will outline the meaning of dog symbolism in dreams and art.

Dog Symbolism in Dreams

Seeing a dog in your dream could be an indication that you are going to propel forward and encounter success because of your good intentions and values.

Experts in animal symbolism say that if a dog is unfriendly, it shows that you have unresolved issues fighting within you. Seeing them in one’s meditation means that you have abandoned a certain skill.

Dead and dying pooches symbolize the death of a friend or that your instincts are failing. Feeding the pooch indicates that you are keen on developing your talents. It could also be a suggestion for you to focus on friendships and associations.

dog dreams

The color of a dog’s coat is significant in animal symbolism. Usually, dark coats indicate that a change is expected or a lack of self-worth and respect.

White and cream furs mean that you need to align your goals with your heart.

Gold tells of hidden abilities and gifts while red is a warning to stay focused.

A weird color, for instance, pink is a suggestion to be yourself while green is an indication of self-love.

Dog Symbolism in Art

dogs art

Dogs have been present in man’s art from ancient times to the present. Different cultures and individuals have their own unique interpretations. In ancient Rome, this can be shown by the famous mosaics “Dogs of Pompeii” which was used as a warning of looming disasters.

Dog symbolism is used extensively today, for instance, in paints, on body parts as tattoos, music, and film.

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They are used in these instances to depict the nature of a dog and to encourage people to adopt those characters. Trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness, and obedience are mostly used. People with dog tattoos could be paying a tribute to their canine companions.

Animal Symbolism

Are you usually drawn to dogs or are you the proud owner of one? This could be an indication that the dog is your spirit animal. Pooch owners find their purpose and learn positive values from their spirit animals.

To improve the relationship and enhance the connection between you and your pets, consider feeding them with the best raw dog food available in your residence.

In animal symbolism, dogs as spirit animals are thought to have strengths that humans display unconsciously. Some of the strengths are their nature of companionship, cheerfulness, and reliability. These characteristics are interpreted in relation to human behavior.

dog animal symbolism

Strengths and their Meanings of Animal Symbolism

Dogs are the most loyal creatures in the animal kingdom; that is why they make perfect companions. A person whose spirit animal is the dog will realize that people enjoy their company because they help others find peace.

Our canine friends are always happy and can be amused by simple things; likewise, those with this animal spirit are always happy and try to cheer everybody around them. These peeps are at their best in situations that are difficult so that they can cheer others.

If you possess this canine spirit your friends and associates can rely on you especially when in difficult situations. You are known to be selfless and charitable.


Animal symbolism is significant because it helps people to understand and interpret the messages behind certain dreams and art. Dog symbolism has been used from ancient times and also in contemporary life, Understanding how to interpret the symbols based on color and behavior will give you the correct information.

Have you had any dreams involving dogs? If so what message do you think they were trying to relay. 

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