Feng Shui plants for good energy

Feng Shui plants for good energy

Feng Shui is all about energy, and when looking at which plants can bring energy into a home one should focus on a number of factors, like where a plant is positioned, how a plant looks and feels and the plant’s general health.

An indoor plant that is known to have good Feng Shui but that looks drab and lifeless may not bring as much energy to your home as a plant that has no specific Feng Shui but looks alive and full of vibrant energy.

Most well-cared for plants are good Feng Shui for your house as they are living beings naturally full of positive energy, and when positioned carefully in nice pots are very influential on the space around them. Even people with limited knowledge of Feng Shui know that certain plants just look and feel right in certain spaces.

Here a few ways to help you choose the right indoor plants to bring energy into your home using Feng Shui.

Neutralise negative energy

Plants placed within 3 feet of a computer or electronic device will help filter harmful electromagnetic energy. A study area is normally a somewhat lifeless space, adding good Feng Shui with plants will help improve concentration and focus as well as eliminate any negative energy.

Making a smaller space bigger

Tall plants in the corners of small rooms or rooms with sloped ceilings can make a heavy space lighter.

Reminder of the abundance of life

Plants that fruit are symbols of abundance and growth and rebirth, they are good Feng Shui in living areas that are commonly used to entertain friends and visitors.

Connect with the world outside the room

Plants with rounded leaves and flowers in round pots or bowls will take the edges off any harsh straight lines or angles in a room and remind us of being outside in nature where life curls and flows. So many scientific studies have been done on how indoor plants promote a sense of well-being, there is a reason why hospital patients who are surrounded by plants get better much faster than those in rooms without plants or flowers.

Keeping the water factor in balance

The right types of plants in bathrooms, busy kitchen areas, laundry rooms and around indoor spas and pools will balance the room and dry up excess water.

Lucky Bamboo plants are one of the most recognised natural symbols of Feng Shui. This wonderfully energising plant is so easy to grow, does not need a great deal of sunlight, and can be grown in water, making it a Feng Shui plant for just about anywhere. But there are plenty of other appealing Feng Shui plants that are easy to find and grow.

The Philodendron Xanadu is a striking indoor plant that grows well under both natural and artificial light, with lovely heart-shaped leaves that represent Fire to add warmth to a cooler area. These plants are fairly easy-care with their dissected green leaves and dusty pink midrib.

A good-sized Ficus can be a natural room divider or symbolically raise a low ceiling. The Ficus also cleanses the air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia from the air.

The ever-popular Peace Lily grows very well under all types of light, and with its stunning white flowers symbolises harmony and goodwill.

Palms are very versatile Feng Shui plants, able to activate any element missing from a room, and make excellent room dividers as well as being effective detoxifiers in rooms that have man-made carpets.

The Crassula or Money Tree is very auspicious when placed in the Wealth area of your house as their pretty round leaves are symbols of abundance and good fortune.

And last but not least, the African Violet is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity, well suited for darker areas and corners of the Wealth area in a home.

The best time to add a new indoor Feng Shui plant

The best time to add a new plant is at the start of a month or year, as this symbolises the beginning of a healthy new period for you and your family or house-mates.

Remove any dead or dying flowers and leaves to eliminate stagnant energy, and keep plants free of dirt and dust, re-pot them when necessary, and remember to fertilise as needed to keep their energy levels high.

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend or colleague to bring good Feng Shui to their home? Giveplants.co.nz has a range of indoor potted plants that have been sourced from reputable growers and are an environmentally-friendly alternative to cut flowers to give as living gifts for any occasion.

These plant gifts can be sent anywhere in New Zealand in eco-friendly packaging, look through their range to find the best Feng Shui plants for your friend, family member or colleague.

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