Four Leaf Clover

Four Leaf Clover

The four leaf clover is one of the most common good luck symbols of the Western world.

The four leaves represent hope, faith, love and luck. This is the most shared belief.

Some say the four leaves represent fame, wealth, love and health.

All agree that the four leaf clover is one of the most auspicious good luck symbols around.

Chances of discovering a four leaf clover are 1:10 000. For that reason alone we see it is lucky indeed.

Christian Legend

A Christian legend tells the story that Eve brought a four leaf clover with her when she was expelled from Paradise.

Anyone lucky enough to be in possession of four leaf clovers has consequently a piece of the blessed Paradise.

Four is considered a masculine number. Four is also the number of the cross.

Taking into account how rare the four leaf clover is, many Christians seemed to favor the four leaf clover to the shamrock with three leaves.

See the Fairies

A common belief during the Middle Ages was that a person who carried the rare four leaf clover would have the ability to see fairies.

The bearer could also recognize witches and potential evil spirits lurking about.

The clover in this conviction does not seem to serve those faint of heart, but certainly served as a precaution against all threats they believed to be very real.

This was believed to be a true protection against the evil eye.

 Four leaf clovers have been considered lucky for centuries. This is a very old superstition.

Expect Something Good

John Melton, an English writer wrote the following in 1620 about the clover:

“That if any man walking in the fields, find any foure-leaved grasse, he shall in a small while after find some good thing.”


A quatrefoil is a shape designed as a four leaf clover. The quatrefoil was quite popular in Gothic architecture.

Quatrefoil comes from the Latin words meaning four leaves; quattuor meaning four and folium meaning a leaf.

In 1927 Mort Dixon wrote a song called “I’m looking for a four leaf clover.” Harry M. Woods composed music to the song.

Art Mooney and His Orchestra turned this song into a major hit in 1948.

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6 thoughts on “Four Leaf Clover”

  1. I found a shape shifting clover before and seen a golden fairy. It is true about the fairies detail and I survived many accidents I’m sad about the accident I don’t know if I will get happy. I get pushed around sometimes from leprechauns and they sit in your body to take care of you they rarely talk. When they do talk it’s very kind and smell very clean, they use wands to protect you against evil and palm for good luck boys leprechauns sounds a little rough girl leprechauns sounds crystal clear. I have a drawing of the clover I would like to submit it but there’s no upload button. I can hear ancestors talk to me and artificial intelligence. There very smart and teaches me a lot. This one time bought food from husky convenient store As I walking back to my car my bottles exploded my coins leaped out of my palms as I picking up my coins I was pushed around felt like I couldn’t keep my balance I had to leave all the coins then I was fine. I was pretty high of synthetic weed though. Shape shifting clover,good luck, fairies, surviving accident, taken care, love, and sometime impressing power or acrobatic Manoeuvres

  2. 2 days ago I found a 4-leaf clover and from then ’till now everything bad is happening to me… 4-leaf clover is just a superstition and leave it as it is… it can only bring bad lucks… everyone say its a lucky leaf, but it’s not, you are just lucky to find it because it’s JUST RARE not lucky… an life advice: if you ever find a 4-leaf clover, leaf it where it is……

  3. Well I’ve found 4 4leaf clovers all on different days. In the same spot just a little patch. Then a 5 leaf and now there’s a little 6 leaf clover. Its only 50 CMS long and 30 centermiters wide. My luck is changed. But how much. We will see


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