Friday meaning superstitions

Meaning and Superstitons

Friday is named after the goddess Frigg in Norse mythology. She was the goddess of fertility and marriage.

This is Frigg’s Day. The meaning of her name is the “beloved one”.  

She was very secretive. Frigg knew all, but spoke little about her acquired knowledge. She knew all fates, yet would tell no fortunes.

Frigg was the daughter of Fjorgyn, the goddess of the earth.

Frigg was married to Odin who was the chief god and ruled the skies. Wednesday is named after Odin.

Frigg was associated with the planet Venus. During Viking times Venus was known as Frigg’s Star.

In astrology Friday is connected to Venus. Venus was the goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology.

Her equivalent in Greek mythology is Aphrodite.  She was married to the crippled smith god Hephaistos, his Roman equivalent was Vulcan. She was not a faithful wife.

In French, Italian and Spanish the word for Friday comes from the Latin words “dies Veneris” which means “Day of Venus”.

In French Friday is “vendredi”. In Italian it is “venerdì” and in Spanish it is “viernes”.

India and in Japan also named this week day after the planet Venus.

The Aztec people devoted this day to the feathered serpent god of wisdom and wind called Quetzalcoatl.

Friday Superstitions

Friday party time

Friday is the day you should focus on pleasure. This is a great day for social activities. You want to devote this day to friends.

Be sure to accept any party invitations or invite friends over on this day. This is also a perfect day for lovers.

The lucky gemstone for Friday is the emerald. If you own one this is a good day wear it.

Some believe it is bad luck to get your hair cut on this day. The same goes for Sunday. Try to avoid these two days.

In Thailand Friday is a lucky day to get a haircut. They say it will bring you lots of good fortune.

The lucky color for this day in Thailand is blue.

Friday is not considered a good day to start a new project. Wait until Monday.

This is not the day you want to choose to move into a new home. It is bad luck.

Try to avoid starting a trip on this day, especially if it is Friday the 13th. This day is considered highly unlucky.

Eggs laid on a Friday were said to cure stomach ache.

If you have had a good dream on a Friday night, be sure to remember it until morning. Saturday morning you tell a good friend about your dream and it is sure to come true.

In Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism)

In the Ten Sephirot also known as the Tree of Life, the last seven sephirot are connected to a weekday. Yesod (meaning connection) is connected to Friday.

This is an excellent day for married couples to express their love for each other.

Friday is Fish Day

Friday Fish Day

During the first century it was customary for Christians to refrain from eating meat on Fridays.

The reason given is that Jesus died on a Friday.

Still today many consider this day as fish day, though it is mostly practiced during Lent.

The Catholic Canon Law number 1251 states that members of the Catholic Church should not eat meat on Fridays.

Bible Legends

Many legends tell stories that Eve tempted Adam to eat the forbidden fruit on a Friday. This resulted in Adam and Eve being expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Yet another legend tells the story of Noah and the ark stating that the flood started on a Friday.

We all know that story of the crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus died on the Cross on“Good Friday”.

A Holy Day in Islam

It is considered a Holy Day in Islam. Actually it is from Thursday at sunset until Friday at sunset.

This is the day for attending the congregational prayer at the mosque. It is a day of rest and devotion to Allah.

Black Friday

In the United States the day after Thanksgiving is known as “Black Friday”. This day is an enormous day for sales and shopping. Lots of shops will have huge sales. It also marks the opening of shopping for Christmas.

Poet’s Day Meaning

In Australia and Great Britain many refer to Friday as the Poet’s Day.

This is an acronym for “Piss Off Early Tomorrow’s Saturday” or in workplaces which use/used a manual punch time clock; “Punch Out Early Tomorrow’s Saturday”

TGIF is an acronym for “Thank God It’s Fridays”. A restaurant chain has used this acronym to make its name “TGI Fridays”.



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