Guardian Bell

Guardian Bell

The guardian bell is the ultimate good luck and protection amulet for bikers. These bells ward off evil spirits.

The idea is to attach a guardian bell under the motorcycle. The bell attracts the evil road spirits the biker may come across.  

These evil road spirits are also referred to as gremlins. That is why many also call the guardian bell for a gremlin bell. Some prefer to call it the angel bell.

Evil road spirits are said to be responsible for any bad luck a biker might encounter. They have been accused of mechanical misfortunes as well as other unlucky experiences during a journey.


Of course the biker wants nothing to do with the malicious road spirits. That is why the guardian bell is so important.

The evil roads spirits tend to get sucked into the bell.  Once inside the bell they cannot do any damage to the bike.

The evil road spirits do not want to leave the motorcycle, but the only way out of the bell is down. The constant ringing of the bell will be absolutely unbearable. The evil road spirits will be desperate to leave the bell.  

After clinging on for as long as they can stand the agony of the bell, the evil road spirit will drop to the ground will great force. That is how potholes are made. Who would have thought that riders of motorcycles can be superstitious!

According to legend the power of the guardian bell increases immensely when the bell is received as a gift from a dear friend. There is nothing wrong with buying one for yourself, but the power will not be as strong as a bell gifted to you.

Guardian bells have become more and more popular.  They are produced with tons of different designs; skull heads, Viking symbols, inscriptions, Irish Celtic symbols, religious symbols and so on.

A  St. Christopher symbol has become popular as St. Christopher is also the patron saint of travelers. It all comes down to personal preference. No matter what design is on the bell, it still works as a guardian bell.

It is a fun gift to give anyone who has a motorcycle. It is a nice way of wishing them a safe ride.

Legend of the Guardian Bell or Gremlin Bell

There are many different versions of the Guardian Bell legend. The reason is the legend was passed on orally from one biker to the next. Here is one version:

Christmas was soon approaching. A grey bearded man who rode his bike from the States down to Mexico.

His mission was to get lots of Christmas gifts for children. He got all the toys and was eager to return.

Everything was perfect. The ride was smooth until he was just a short distance from the border.

As the old man was turning a corner, he was taken by surprise by a group of gremlins blocking the road. The old man crashed.

His motorcycle was smashed. The old man found himself laying hurt on the road surrounded by mean gremlins. He was devastated and in pain.

The gremlins were nasty and obviously getting reading to attack the old man. He did not have any way to protect himself.

All he had was the bag of toys. He reached for the bag and started throwing toys at the gremlins. This did not cause the gremlins to flee.

In the bag of toys he got hold of a couple bells. The old man began ringing the bells desperately. He quietly hoped the sound of the bells would scare the gremlins away.

As it happened two bikers were camping close by. They heard the ringing of the bells and went to investigate.

The two bikers soon found the injured man surround by the wicked gremlins. Without wasting any time they chased the gremlins away.

The old grey bearded man was saved. He wanted to pay them for their kindness, but did not have any money left.

The two men who had rescued him solemnly declared they did not want any payment. They were happy to help. All motorcycle riders look out for each other.

The old man took two bells and tied one bell on each of the motorcycles of his two new friends. He told them to stay safe.

The bells would save them as they had saved him.

As time has elapsed the story goes that these evil road spirits love riding motorcycles. Some say they are attracted to motorcycles as bees to honey. The only way to get the gremlins off the bike is to trap then inside the gremlin bell.

Remember to keep your guarding bell polished. Riders of motorcycles say that the guardian bell should hang as close to the road as possible.  

Stay safe and as they say “Never ride faster than your angel can fly.”

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