Guest Post Rules

Guest Posts Rules and Conditions

guest posts rulesWe do have a few rules you must accept before submitting a guest post to GoodLuckSymbols.

Please read the rules carefully and make sure you understand and agree to them before submitting Your article.

1. Your article must be your own work. It cannot have been previously published.

By submitting your article, you guarantee that it is in no way or form any kind of plagiarism. This includes articles that have been spun.

2. Your article must be a minimum of 1200 words.

3. You accept that your work will be reviewed and possibly edited before publication.

4. You give GoodLuckSymbols complete ownership rights to your article. You will not publish the same article on other websites.

5. Your guest post must be family friendly. In other words, it must be G-rated.

6. You may submit your own pictures under the condition that the pictures are classified as being in the public domain. Do not send any pictures that have the slightest chance of being copyrighted. The best pictures are the owns you have taken yourself. Alternatively, you can purchase pictures, if so please keep the receipt. If you don´t have any pictures, you accept that GoodLuckSymbols will provide some for you.

7. You accept that GoodLuckSymbols will place advertisements on your guest post page.

8. You will site sources if your article is based on theories originating from others. You may  have 1 link in the content of your article if appropriate. These must be links to websites you own. We do not accept affiliate links nor ads to writing services. Your website must be family friendly.

9. You may a write a bibliography and add one link to your website or blog if appropriate. Of course, your blog needs to be G-rated. Your name as the author of the article will be respected and published.

The contents of these rules may be altered at any time, at our discretion.

Please send your article to