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bees luck

Invite Bees Into Your Garden For Luck and Prosperity

If you are feeling despair about the state of world recently, boost your spirits by attracting bees into your garden and keeping their population thriving. Written by Cassie Lowe

How To Keep Your Home Green And Lucky This Summer

Symbolism of Succulents and Cacti. Succulents or Cacti? What Should You Grow? Specialist Equipment. Written by: Cassie Lowe

Shivratri Festival

Why and how Shivratri is celebrated in India. Shivratri is one of the most important festivals for Hindus in India. Lord Shiva who is considered as the Destroyer, is worshiped in this festival. Article submitted by:

Five Meaningful Jewelry Symbols

Five Meaningful Jewelry Symbols to Wear in 2018. In this article the meaning of five different symbols found in jewelry are explained. Discover what five pieces of jewelry you just may want to wear this year. Written by