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drinking superstitions in India


Drinking Customs in India: superstitions and traditions in India. The drinking culture in India not always agreeable, especially when it comes to women.

Rituals in Kenya

Magical Kenya: Beliefs, Superstitions and Customs of the main ethnic groups in Kenya. Rituals and traditions in different stages of life.

Customs and Beliefs Uganda

Superstitious Uganda

Superstitious Uganda: Beliefs and Common Superstitions. Rituals and Customs connected to the different stages of life in Uganda

luck in Uganda

Superstitions in Uganda

Common superstitions in Uganda. Tapping the head – Farming superstitions – Naming the baby – Witch Doctors – and much more

Local Indian dressing customs

Indian Dressing Customs

Tips on what to wear in India; Outfits, footwear and accessories while visiting the country. Pick up the local dressing customs of India.

Irish Folklore

Explore old Irish Folklore and mystical beliefs. Fairies threatening babies, the mischievous Puca, the tests of bravery, the apple peel ritual and much more

Indian wedding traditiions and superstitions

Wedding Customs in India

Some of the deep-rooted wedding customs and superstitions in India. Become familiar with the traditions and rituals of an Indian wedding.

good luck symbols Thailand

Superstition in Thailand

See the list of protective amulets in Thailand. Read about bird and animal superstitions. Discover much believed notions and beware of the ghosts of Thailand.


A guide to good luck and bad luck omens, superstition, rituals and traditions in Poland; Standalone beliefs and those associated with concrete occasions, such as meals, weddings, or special dates.

Luck symbols India

Superstitions in India

Rituals, Traditions, Superstitions and Good Luck Symbols in India; How to get good luck and avoid bad luck in India. Three top lucky places in India

Top 10 Superstitious Festivals in India

10 Superstitious Festivals in India. Discover some very unusual festivals in India; Thaipusam is the festival that gives chills, get beaten in Lathmar Holi, worship your dog and get a taste of immortality

Mexico Superstitons introductory guide

Superstition in Mexico Introductory Guide

In this introductory guide we will take a look on how people of Mexico get lucky and unlucky. It all happens through charms or amulets, rituals, folk tales, special dates and locations, food or even sports.