How to Have More Lucky Days

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How to Have More Lucky DaysWe all want to be lucky, or at least wish to be lucky every now and then when we really want something – I mean… who wants to be unlucky, right?

A lucky day is a day when everything happened more in our favor than usual. But what if I tell you that you can make most of your days lucky days? It would be too good to be true, right?

Well, it’s more than possible because luck doesn’t really exist, is more like a concept or saying when a lot of great things happen to someone in a really short time.

The truth is that there are more or fewer chances for something to happen, and sometimes there are more chances for things to happen in your favor.

Now that you know that things happen by chance actually, you can understand that there’s a lot you can do to turn things in your favor. In other words, you can have more lucky days.

Stick with us to find out exactly how you can have more lucky days and make your life wonderful.

1. Meditate

Meditation is like one tool to fix them all. Almost any issue you have in your life you can solve or at least gain understanding by the means of meditation.

Therefore if you want to be luckier, to have more events that turn in your favor, all you have to do is to meditate on luck. How you do it? Simple.

Find a quiet place so you won’t be disturbed, find a comfortable position, close your eyes, take some deep breaths, calm your mind and focus on what you want to achieve (and eventually, how you want to achieve it).

But keep in mind that turning the things in your favor requires more than one session of meditation and if you have doubts it might not really help you.

2. Think Positive

think positiv lucky days
Luck is directly connected with good things, with fortunate things. Being lucky is on the positive side of events.
Therefore, based on simple logic, if you want to be lucky, you need to be, feel, and think positive.

It might be hard to picture it when you just experienced something terrible. But, according to Custom Essay Writing, bad experiences aren’t really bad – they are good actually.

How? Well, think about it. Remember one of your worst experience – what have you learned from it, how helpful it actually was, and how many great things wouldn’t have happened if that terrible thing didn’t happen in the first place?

You see, bad experiences are actually good for us, they are actually the best way to learn and evolve.

All you have to do is to look at things from a positive angle and you’ll discover that this world has warmer colors.

3. Believe that Luck is on Your Way

Most people underestimate the power of genuine belief in something. Just because you believe that something will happen you increase the chanced for that thing to happen.

Moreover, when you really believe and want something to happen you’ll most probably take action and do something to increase the odds.

If you keep telling yourself that luck is on your way and you really believe it, sooner rather than later your days will be luckier.

4. Listen to Your Intuition

Generally, people believe that the human race is superior because we have reasoning. But this is a half-truth. That’s just one reason why we are a superior race. Because even without reason, we’d still be the superior race.

Therefore, we shouldn’t ignore the rest of our powers, like intuition. According to Edu Birdie experts, intuition is the opposite of reason and, in most of the cases, if used properly works better than reason. Intuition, contrary to reason, won’t have an immediate effect, or it can have “invisible” effects.

When you make a decision based on your intuition, you have a feeling that something is better or that something is bad.

Normally, you won’t choose something that doesn’t feel right so there will be an invisible effect because it spared you from a bad situation.
Therefore, avoiding a bad situation you definitively increase your chances to be lucky.

5. Keep Your Mind Open

Everyone has their belief system – a place in our minds where we keep all the things we really believe in.

The trick is that we should keep our belief system open and flexible because while we’re growing up, we’re growing wiser, and we experience new things, our beliefs will change and they’re supposed to.

Change is good. Change is the key to evolution, even if sometimes you don’t change in a good way, it means that you have to learn something from that experience.

Once you succeed to open up your mind and look at the world with other eyes and try to understand why something is happening to you, you’ll consider yourself luckier.

Knowing and understanding how something is going to help you even if not instantly, will undoubtedly turn the luck in your favor.

6. Have Clear Goals

Have Clear Goals
Knowledge is power. I know that you probably heard this phrase a million times but if you’re reading this I’m not sure if you truly understand the message.

You see, they don’t make reference only at knowing as many things as possible, because most information today is not very accurate. According to, that phrase refers to knowing the truth and the good things for you.

Moreover, is referring to knowing yourself, what you want to do, and how you want to do it.
That’s all the knowledge that really matters.

Therefore, having real goals means to have knowledge of what you want to achieve. And once you have the knowledge, you’re instantly turning the chances in your favor – because knowledge is power.

7. Don’t Have Expectations

From where I stand, I see expectations as the root of all evil because expectations are the first step towards disappointment. According to Brill Assignment, most of the times, things don’t unfold as they did in our mind. So, believing that they will is just silly and we will only hurt ourselves.

Therefore, the more expectations you have from yourself, from life, or from others, the more disappointed you will be. For example, during preparing for the interview with the HR software manager, be prepared for rejecting you as a candidate for a work position. But do not worry, everything will be all right.

And disappointment is directly linked to unlucky situations. So, fewer expectations, fewer unlucky situations – which leave more space for luck in your wonderful life.


Many people consider themselves unlucky like their faith is to lose more often than they win. The truth is that sometimes the odds may be in someone’s favor, but in most of the cases, people worked hard to turn the odds in their favor.

Luck is actually pretty relative because, as you can see above, there are many things you can do to have more lucky days. If you ask me, it’s all about perspective, about how you look at the world, and about what you do and how you think.


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