How To Keep Your Home Green And Lucky This Summer

How To Keep Your Home Green And Lucky This Summer

How To Keep Your Home Green And Lucky This Summer

The succulent and cacti industry has grown exponentially over the last year, and these unique plants are poised to become the number-one selling household plants of 2018.

Having houseplants is one of the best ways to introduce a little luck into your home, but keeping them alive can be a painstaking process for those of us without a green thumb. That is why succulents and cacti are becoming the go-to houseplant for Millennials, Seniors, and everyone in between.

Symbolism of Succulents and Cacti

Succulents represent timeless love, and have also been associated with money and gold. The cactus symbolizes many different things, and healers argue over the symbolism of their flowers.

Some state that cacti and the associated flowers stand for lust, sex, and care, whereas others state that the flowers represent chastity and abstinence.

There is no true consensus on what succulents and cacti represent when brought into the home, but what these plants are is enduring, strong, and highly evolved in order to survive the harshest of summer and winter deserts.

Having them in your home will let you live in an environment based on strength, and should they choose to flower, you can decide what that additional burst of light bring into your home.

Succulents or Cacti?

There are some significant differences between the two plants. Cacti have the additional feature of needles, for which they are famed. Internally, there isn’t much different between succulents and cacti, but you should definitely consider picking succulents over cacti if you share your home with pets or children. Cactus needles are notorious for causing nasty scratches, and can lead to infection.

What Should You Grow?

The easiest succulent to grow at home is Aloe Vera. As well as having internal healing properties for skin irritation, Aloe Vera is very easy to grow indoors. As a softer succulent, aloe requires far less water than most cacti and other succulents, and is largely resistant to most pests. So long as you have a source of direct sunlight in your home, it will flourish without too much input.

Specialist Equipment

Most cacti and succulent species don’t demand much in the way of specialized growing equipment. However, larger items can benefit from growing in a clay pot for ample drainage, as well as using traditional planters.

As cacti and succulents grow in particularly arid soils, make sure you dilute any preferred fertilizers, and don’t overwater your plants. They’ll drown.

Most succulents and cacti go into a sort of hibernation in the winter, so don’t be surprised if your plants shrink away in the colder months. So long as you keep an eye on how they’re doing, most cacti and succulents can last upwards of a decade.

One final point of note is that growing succulents and cacti, as well as becoming a world-leading industry, is also an easy way to bring something alive and thriving into your home today. Get some more greenery and life into your world with these two excellent houseplant options.

Written by: Cassie Lowe

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