How To Optimize Your Workplace Feng Shui

How To Optimize Your Workplace Feng Shui

How To Optimize Your Workplace Feng Shui

In the last 10-15 years there has been a big shift in understanding of the workplace: the previous sense of the office as an oppressive back drop for the working day has been lost in amongst all of the statistics about productivity and achievement levels in happy, well-balanced offices.

Optimizing your office can be a great way to make your company more successful and boost everything you do without needing to change all that much.

Using the spatial design techniques of Feng Shui can be a great place to begin in harmonizing your workspace. So here are some tips on how to do just that.

Understand Your Zone

Getting to grips with your workspace is the first step to enacting Feng Shui and harmonizing the space. Do you have an office or a cubicle? A shared desk or a communal table? Understanding what you have to work with is an absolutely vital step towards helping to optimize your working world.

Start Fresh

“When you first start looking at fixing your work space it can require a bit of a spring clean”, suggests John Gable, lifestyle writer at OxEssays and BigAssignments. “And by spring clean, I mean try throwing everything out.”

Getting a fresh start is an excellent way to begin your Feng Shui adventure but it can mean a full overhaul. So, don’t get bogged down, if it isn’t helping your cause, get rid of it.

Position Yourself

Requesting to move elsewhere in the office might be necessary to get the good energy you need in your work space.

Position Your desk feng shuiIn Feng Shui it is advised that you have a solid wall behind you and the door of the room in front of you: the solid wall behind is seen as a support to you whilst being able to see the door allows you to spot who is coming in and out of the office which puts you ‘in command’.

If you need to change your position in the office, just go for it, it’ll make the difference in the long run.

Change Your Desk

Dressing your desk for giving you the optimal work energy is really important. It is where you spend the bulk of your work day, so its contents, even the material it is made of will affect you hugely.

If you have a say, pick a desktop that reflects how you work, wood for creativity and metal for efficiency, for example. If you don’t have a say then find things to cover the surface of your desk, like a cloth or a matt of some sort. For the contents thing about what energies might interact best with your desk material.

desk Jade plant feng shui


A plant might complement a metal desk, to tap into the ying and yang nature of the two.

Scent diffusers are also a great way to bring the contents of your desk into the realm of the senses. Pick things that will bring you happiness.


Remember Ergonomics

office chair feng shuiPicking a chair that supports you and maintains your blood flow and general wellbeing is like assigning an assistant to your workspace optimization.

It’s really important that you get this sorted since, if you sit for most of the day, your whole wellbeing can be compromised and it can actually lead to long term medical issues, so get on to it.


“Lighting can affect everything from mood to health and wellbeing”, notes Jasmine Killgran, health blogger at EliteAssignmentHelp and Essayroo. “Getting natural light, or proper well-situated lighting at your desk can be really helpful.” There is even a whole list of implications that the different bulbs you can choose will have on your state of mind.

Ideally, introduce natural light into your workspace for good Feng Shui. But that is not always an option, so opting for some of the lights which imitate the light of the sun can really work to elevating your mood and increasing your focus.


Optimizing your workspace Feng Shui can be a hugely effective way to get your work levels and your overall happiness up. It requires some work and planning and potentially even a change to the location and physical make-up of your desk and workspace. But once completed it can fully change your experience of the work day.


Chloe Bennet is a lifestyle blogger and editor at Revieweal and Essay Services websites. She writes about spiritual side of life and yoga. Also, Chloe teaches creative writing at Assignment Writing Service, educational portal.

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