Ingredients for Luck in Exams

Charms and Rituals: The Ingredients for Luck in Exams

good luck in examsCharms have been in play since time immemorial. Last week, a team from PerfectEssay talked to random college and high school students on lucrative charms they would love to use in exams.

Most of them alluded to Harry Potter. Specific mention was on the invisible ink that could help to write a perfect paper and had magical capabilities of turning visible or invisible at the user’s disposal.

Experts from PerfectEssay prepared you a list of good luck exam superstitions in use by most college student as discussed during the outreach.

Unwashed Hair

¬†Student, mainly from South Korea held this view. One student, Kim Jon li was adamant that at one point he washed his head and all he had read sublimed to thin air. He was blank despite having burned the night oil. A classmate said he knew about Kim’s good luck superstition and wouldn’t go close to him during exam time.

Unwashed hair on the eve of the exam received mixed reactions. Some classmates were viewing it as archaic while others vowed to try it someday.

The Red Underwear

red underwear luckIn Chinese culture, red symbolizes luck. One international student, Nam Yun Kim says that she cannot attempt going to an exam room without wearing red underwear.

Kim says that in Chinese oral literature, “are you in red underwear?” is a saying channeled to someone who has achieved success.

However, another student, Liu Jianguo warns, “back in China, people may exempt themselves from wearing red in exams because red color is used to fill the failed score sheet.’

The Devastating Handshake

Shaking hands confers Respect and honor to many people across the world. However, Zulia, an international student from Zambia holds a different view. Zulia says that shaking hands before an exam is a bad luck charm. It means one is willingly transferring read content to another person.

“Whenever I avoid a handshake as I head to the exam room, I boost my confidence because I know that I have all I read at my palm,’ says Zulia. Kenny Gill, one of our crew member at the best custom essay service – CustomEssayOrder said, “I would try the ritual in my training exams to see whether it worked.

Curd and Sugar, the Legendary Relaxant

Eating curd and sugar (jaggery) is a trend in India. Yassin Khan, an international student from India, says that jaggery is a basic necessity before attempting to step in an exam room. “I am always nervous before an exam. Jaggery knows how to calm me.’ Attests Khan.

Another student, Melissa White, confirmed Khan’s views. “One of my Indian friends offered me Jaggery before an exam, and when the results came, I had passed beyond my expectations.

A Prayer for Success

Indian prayer for successSome parents in India take to prayers even without their children’s request. “My mother literary stays in the temple for over a month praying and offering coconut sacrifice for my exam,” Says Indian International student Akshan Arjun.

A teacher passing by, Doctor Sam Tulum said that some parents go an extra mile and camp outside exam halls praying for their children. “My mother prayed for a whole month and transformed the school reception hall into a temple, but I still got a terrible score,” said Akshan.

The Grand Sugar Rush

Sugar is a regular home use commodity mostly consumed during tea time and in baking. However, during exam time, that is not the case for Kim Lee and Memunatu Bishop. Kim attests to PerfectEssay crew that when he came to the US, his newly found roommate never believed in lucky superstitions of sugar and exams.

Bishop confirms to our team, “After the exam results were out, I believed what Kim said, that sugar can facilitate one to pass exams.” Bishop confirmed a neck-breaking rush for sugar between him and Kim on the eve of exams.

The Darling Pen

pens luckyPerfectEssay outreach crew confirmed that it’s common for students to anticipate high score for writing exams in a specific pen.

“I know this sounds comical, but my luck ritual is on my two pens.

I have used the pens in exams since sixth grade, and I always keep them safe after an exam. When results are out, I score higher in exams done using my two darling pens.” Says Gertrude Jacobson, a twelfth-grade student.

The Memory Intriguing Gum

PerfectEssay crew inquired from the students on what they would never forget to carry to the exam room. Most said a piece of gum chewed when studying. One student, James Miller, in tenth grade was more vocal on the subject.

“When I chew the exact gum, I always recall what I studied,” Milner confirmed. Looking at the confidence and vigor with which Milner stated his point, we at PerfectEssay couldn’t agree more.

The Boss look

 PerfectEssay crew realized that some of the students leaving the exam room were neatly dressed. One student, Marcus young, wore a red tie, a dress shirt and a pair of knickers.

A closer observation revealed that he had worn a classy perfume. When PerfectEssay asked about his lavish dressing, Young said even in the face of content deficiency; a “boss look” was good luck on exams because it makes me confident.

Jacqueline Whopper, another well-dressed student in twelfth grade, said, “It would look awkward to leave blanks in your exam paper when you looked complete in your outfit!”

A walk of Recall

PerfectEssay inquired from students on the rituals they perform to train their memories to remember the content. One student in eleventh grade, Marry Copeland said she walks across the study room with a bunch of point in her mind. “When I am in the exam room, I recall the pacing and the points come flowing to my fingertips.”

Conclusively, good luck charms and rituals have been part of our society since the beginning of time. Some of the rituals and charms are inclined to religion while others emerge from day to day activities and trials.

The extent of their influence on exam success largely depends on the belief held by a person. As the rituals and charms have been with our forefathers, so will they be with our descendants.

Author bio: Kenny Gill is an expert articles manager at CustomEssayOrder. He is a vivid traveler and also likes the flexibility his work offers him. He is a co-author with the best-selling publication on content material marketing.
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