Invite Bees Into Your Garden For Luck and Prosperity

Invite Bees Into Your Garden For Luck and Prosperity

Invite Bees Into Your Garden For Luck and Prosperity
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Between 2016 and 2017, the beekeepers of America lost a third of their bees. Could this be a reflection on the political turmoil and divisiveness that was seen during this period? 

Bees are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, but also of wisdom and communication. It seems that recently people are less willing to talk to one another or share in the knowledge of others.

If you are feeling despair about the state of world recently, boost your spirits by attracting bees into your garden and keeping their population thriving.

The Historical Significance of Bees

bees sun symbol

Ever since humans became interested in their surroundings, bees have been given symbolic importance. They are strong creatures, with the ability to cause great harm, but can only do so at the sacrifice of themselves. Their power is therefore constrained, as it should be in human society.

Their biological appearance led the druids to believe that bees represent the sun, bringing light and vibrancy to communities.

Early Christians shaped their huts like a beehive as a representation of industriousness and harmoniousness.

Bee-Attracting Flowers

Bee-Attracting FlowersIn order to invite bees into your garden, you will need the right flowers such as roses, poppies and snowdrops.

Bees are most attracted to yellows, whites, blues and purples over oranges and reds.

Flowers are a representation of life, love and flourishing, so they are perfect for people in new relationships or expecting and recent parents.

Ensure that the flowers don’t all bloom at the same time, so that you can spread out the opportunities for bees to visit and bring luck into your life.

Providing Shelter

bee hotel Providing a bee shelter communicates to the bees that your garden is a safe haven, where they are welcomed and wanted. Bees work tirelessly to keep our ecosystem running smoothly, but they have a hard time trusting that human intentions are good. With some wood or cardboard, building a bee hotel is simple and gives reasons for bees to return to your home again and again.

Fill your life with luck and prosperity, even when your personal or political life is going poorly. Bringing bees into your garden can inject your life with renewed energy.

Fill your garden with flowers and consider building a beehive or shelter for the best chance of benefiting for their presence.

Written by Cassie Lowe

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