Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo – Dracaena Sanderana

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant is a must for anyone attempting to attract personal prosperity and wealth into their lives with good luck symbols.

Actually the lucky bamboo plant is not a bamboo at all. Its official name is Dracaena Sanderana. It is widely known as the lucky bamboo for two reasons.

Reason number one is that it resembles the true bamboo.

Reason number two is that this plant has been considered to be very auspicious for centuries. It has been considered a luck bring plant in China for more than 4000 years.

Gifting a lucky bamboo to someone is said to bring both the giver and receiver good luck. It is for this reason many choose this plant to give as a housewarming present.

Any other occasion is fine also or no occasion at all. Just give to show your appreciation of that special person in your life.

The lucky bamboo is also a plant you can buy for yourself. It will be equally lucky.

The Five Elements

The lucky bamboo is luckiest if all the five elements are represented. The five elements are wood, earth, fire, water and metal. This can easily be done.

Place some nice looking rocks in the container. Rocks in the pot represent earth. Also place a coin among the rocks. The coin represents metal. The plant itself is wood. Water in the container is a must.

Finally add something red. It could be a red ribbon around the container or tie a red ribbon around the stocks. The color red represents fire. There you have it; all the five elements for ultimate luck.

The Meaning of the Number of Stocks

There seem to be different opinions on this matter.

One thing most everyone in China agrees on is: never give away or own a lucky bamboo with four stocks. This will kill all your luck. The number four is very unlucky in Asia.

The word for four and the word for death are homophones. They sound similar to each other.

Actually it is good to remember never to give away any items grouped in four, especially when traveling in Asia.

Interestingly is that fact that more and more Westerners have taken a liking to four stocks. They say it invites great results as far as education is concerned.

It goes to show that what matters is not what someone else believes, but what you yourself believe.

A single stock normally is associated with commitment. If you have a cause or single goal you are committed to, maybe a single sock will be enough for you.

Two stocks with be especially lucky to attract love. That being said anyone looking to keep love or find a new love would be smart to have ornaments displayed in pairs.

Naturally they will also need to have a couple Mandarin ducks to ensure a great love life.

Two is also associated with double happiness.

Three stocks grouped together represent happiness, wealth and longevity. Just think of the Three Star Gods and their meaning.

Five stocks grouped together will bring increased luck in the five major areas connected to your well-being and personal growth.

The five areas are: physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual. Five also represents the five elements that are so important in feng shui.

Six or nine stocks will bring general good luck. Both of these numbers are associated with luck and are very auspicious.

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Seven is associated with good health and longevity. Eight is considered one of the luckiest numbers in Chinese and associated with prosperity.

Ten or twenty stocks are just an overflow of good luck. Ten is a symbol for completeness and fulfillment. Ten is an awesome number! The more the better!

Feng Shui

Where to Place the Lucky Bamboo Plant

A lucky bamboo is the perfect plant for your home or office.

Some say it is best to place it in the East area of your home or room. That will enhance luck for your whole family.

The South- East corner is great for prosperity and wealth. That may be something to consider when placing it in your office.

Do not place lucky bamboo in direct sunlight. This plant enjoys a light area but hates direct exposure to the sun.

This plant is easy to manage. It grows slowly making it a perfect indoor plant. It can grow in soil or grow in water.

If you choose to let it grow in water the water needs to be changed completely every two weeks.

Use boiled water, rain water or distilled water. This plant does not seem to like tap water. It is sensitive to the chemicals often found in tap water.

Enjoy you lucky bamboo plant. It can last for years to come. Good luck everyone!

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