Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin DucksMandarin ducks are the ultimate symbol of love and marriage in South East Asia, especially in China, Japan and South Korea.

The notion that Mandarin ducks promote love and marriage goes back many centuries.

Pars of ducks are often seen swimming close together. It is told the Mandarin ducks stay faithful to their mate throughout their Lifetime.

Mandarin duck and drakeThese ducks are told to be very peaceful; they get along without bickering and live in perfect harmony.

Their love for each other is so profound that if one of them dies or disappears, the duck left behind will be devastated. Without his/her mate the remaining duck will have no will power to live anymore and death is soon inevitable.

A well-known Chinese saying goes like this: “Two Mandarin ducks playing in water”, in other words “a loving couple”.

A Gift Filled With Love

Images of Mandarin ducks are very common on wedding cards. They are also used on greeting cards of all kinds to express love, faithfulness and best wishes.

Mandarin duck figurines or paintings and scrolls of Mandarin ducks are an all-time favorite wedding gift. Gifts representing these famous love ducks are the surest way to express your best wishes to the happy couple.

Many believe that displaying these ducks in your home will help secure an awesome relationship with your partner. Your attitude needs to be in alignment with love these ducks represent and you must feel ready and open to give and receive this powerful sensation of affection.

For those who do not yet have a sweet heart, getting two Mandarin duck figurines or a picture may speed up the process of finding your soul mate.

Where to Place Your Mandarin Ducks

You will need to place the ducks in the southwest corner of your home. The southwest corner is where the love energy is the strongest.

Your first choice is naturally your bedroom. Placing Mandarin ducks in your living room also works well. Of course you would never consider placing these love birds in your bath room or utility room. Love deserves respect.

Mandarin Duck Figurines

Mandarin ducks in loveTrue believers will not want to buy Mandarin duck figurines carved from wood, as this will not help energize the element of earth (which is needed in this case).

The favorable Mandarin ducks are those carved in stone. If you seek only the best, you need to go hunting for ducks carved from a red colored stone such as jasper, cornelian or red coral.

Naturally red is the color of passion and love. That being said other colors can also be used. A pair of Mandarin ducks no matter the color is naturally better than no ducks at all.

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