Monday: Meaning and Superstitions

Monday meaning

Monday is the day of the moon. The notion that Monday belongs to the moon goes back to Ancient history. There seems to be a universal agreement that this is the day of the moon.

 In Ancient Greece it was called hemera selenes meaning “day of the moon”.

 In Latin it was dies lunae meaning “day of the moon”.

In Old Norse the day was called mánadagr meaning “day of the moon”. In Norwegian it is now called mandag.

In Old English the day was known as mōnandæg, the moon’s day.

In Asia this day is also named after the moon. In China, Japan and Korea it is the moon’s day. In Thai Monday is Wan Jan, “the day of the Moon god Chandra”.

All around the world Monday honors the moon. The moon is very powerful. Its gravity stab stabilizes the gravity of the earth. As we all know the moons gravity causes the high and low tides around the earth.

The moon is in astrology connected to emotions.

It is also connected to the subconscious and the deeper characteristics of your personality. It holds your memory.

The moon is your ability to adapt to people, events and places.

The moon is female. It is yin. The moon represents the need for security.

Monday Superstitions

Monday superstitions

Be sure to start a new project or work on a Monday and you will finish quickly.

Be sure to wear pearls on whatever Monday you need extra good luck.

Monday is a lucky day to move into a new home. (Wednesday is also a lucky day to move into your new residence.)

This day is actually one of the best days to devote to your home and family (including pets!).

Monday’s emotions run strong; make sure they are good. This day is said to be connected to women and intuition.

In some places in Ireland it was believed that you never should give anything away on a Monday.

Shopkeepers must never give credit on this day as that would be unlucky for business the rest of the week.

Monday receive money superstition

To receive money on a Monday is very auspicious. It foretells more cash is on its way to you.

In the same context if you receive visitors on a Monday you can expect to be entertaining people the rest of the week as well.

Getting a haircut on a Monday in Thailand is good luck. They say it will bring you happiness and health.

Yellow and Cream are the colors of Monday in Thailand

In Thailand it is considered lucky to wear yellow or cream off-white on a Monday. As King Bhumibol Adulyadej was born on a this weekday some men used to wear yellow shirts on this day simply to honor the king.

Today yellow shirts are mainly associated with the political movement “People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD)”. Yellow is the color of the king and this political group mainly support the royal circles.

Their opponents are the Red Shirts. Red is the color belonging to Sunday in Thailand. You will most likely not find any pictures of the king in the offices of the Red Shirts.

Monday – the first or second day of the week?

In most countries this is the first day of the week. The international standard ISO 8601 states that Monday is the first day of the week.

The USA, Canada, and Japan still insist that it is the second day of the week.

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