Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite is patron saint over all urgent matters. He also goes by the name Saint ExpediteSaint Expeditus. He is also patron saint against procrastination.

He is the saint of emergencies. He loves speed.

Those who need a solution to a problem immediately may turn to Saint Expedite. Many turn to him when they are experiencing financial distress, when job hunting, or in relation to legal matters.

His feast day is April 19th.

Who was Saint Expedite?

It is believed he lived in the fourth century. He was a Roman soldier. This is why most images of Expedite show him dressed in clothes like a soldier.

As a soldier he learned about Christianity. He decided he wanted to convert to Christianity and devote his life to this new faith.

As soon as he had made that decision the devil appeared before him in the form of a crow. The devil demanded that he delay his decision to join the Christian faith until the next day.

Expedite refused and firmly stated he would become a Christian today.

This is why images show Saint Expedite stepping on a crow. He is killing procrastination.

“Hodie” is the Latin word for “today”. The word “Hodie” can be seen on the cross he is holding.

“Cras” is the Latin word for “tomorrow”. The word “Cras” can be seen on the banner connected to the crow.

Basically this sends out a powerful message; the saint is crushing tomorrow and replacing it with today.

Some places in Germany he may be pointing to a clock instead, though stepping on the crow is most common.

The palm branch he holds in one hand is a symbol of martyrdom.

According to hearsay he was martyred April 19, 303 in Melitene.

Just like Saint Christopher, Saint Valentine and many others, Saint Expedite has been removed from the official calendar of Roman Catholic saints.

These saints were removed from the official calendar because their death date cannot be verified.

His removal from the calendar has not resulted in a decline in his popularity. On the contrary this saint is gaining more followers by the day.

Saint Expedite is extremely popular in Brazil. Hundreds of thousands celebrate his feast day every year.

In New Orleans Saint Expedite has a strong hold. In Louisiana he has been taken to heart in Creole Voodoo communities.

His popularity is spreading fast across the Unites States. It seems thousands of non-Catholics are turning to Saint Expedite for fast solutions to their challenges.

Many of his devotees claim you do not have to be a Catholic get urgent help from this saint.

Working with Saint Expedite

Wednesday is the weekday which is most favorable to start working with Saint Expedite.

You need to set up an altar. On the altar you will need a statue or a picture of Saint Expedite, a red candle and a glass of water.

Red is the color of speed. If you do not have a red candle, you can use a green or white candle.

Place these three objects in a triangular formation. Some claim the picture or statue should be placed in the back, the glass of water on the right and the red candle on the left.

Others place the picture or statue on the right, the candle on the left side and the glass of water in the front. Some place the candle in the back, at the top.

There is no right or wrong, but all agree on the triangle formation.

Light the candle, say your prayer and clearly state your need. You have to be specific and also set a time frame.

Finally you need to state what you give in return when your request is granted.

Some say you should continue doing this for seven days. Other claim you should do the ritual for nine days.

The traditional offerings when your wish is granted are: red roses, pound cake, three nickels or pennies, and a public thank you.

If you omit giving your gratitude offerings back, it is told you may lose what was given to you.

Leave the gratitude offerings on the altar for 24 hours. Finally crumble the pound cake and feed it to the birds. The water is to be given to a tree.

If your request is not granted you naturally do not give any offering.

There are many different opinions on the best way to work with this saint. Every person who chose this saint to work with may figure out what feels most natural for them.

Some think it works to keep a picture of Saint Expedite together with a little money in your safe place. Some repeat the following every day:

“I trust you, Saint Expedite to place your good hand upon everything I need.”

Prayer to Saint Expedite

“I ask you, Saint Expedite, to aid me in my financial difficulties. Let your strength and support protect my income and help me obtain enough money so that I will not suffer need and want.

Please let peace and enjoyment reign in my household. I ask you and pray that my wishes be granted, and glorify your intercession. Amen”

(From the book “Saints the Chosen Few” by Manuela Dunn-Mascetti)

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  1. Thank you St.Expedite for expediting my wish and helping us sell boat so we can have $ for down payment for new car!! Thank you

  2. Foolish People. Stop misleading people into idol worship and spiritism. The only one people should pray to is Jehova God in heaven through his son Jesus Christ.
    Repent now and be saved from this wickedness before it is too late to do so.

    • Thank you St. Expedite for answering our prayers for urgent financial help and also for helping us find a house on rent within a day in both cases. I am truly gratefully to you. Please continue interceding for us and keep all four of us under your care. Love you St. Expedite. Thank you St. Expedite.

  3. St. Expedite I thank you for helping me in my time of need. You gave exactly what I asked for and when I asked for it. Thank you!

  4. I give thanks and Praise to God for my blessings and answered prayers, and also St Expedite for his interssion.

  5. Thank you St Expedite for your intersession in helping me sell the house and praise oh Lord for my blessings. May your name be known to all for your work.I praise thee and i thank thee and will praise you always.

  6. Thank you so much st expedite for all you’ve done for me and for always being so fast in my time of need! Praise your name st expedite!

  7. Can someone please advise, when lighting the candle, do we leave it burning until it’s all melted or do we snuff it out each night and light it up again the next night?
    Thank you

  8. Please Saint Expedite make
    My business flourish so I may have more than enough money to support myself and my children well.
    Help me have the spiritual abilities I need to truly help those that seek out my services! I will thank you and put pound cake for you and fresh flowers! Show me how to manage this current business venture to make the most of it. Guide me to be successful and gain financial stability and independence. Bless you forever

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