Saint Homobonus

Saint Homobonus Patron Saint of Business People

Saint HomobonusSaint Homobonus is the patron saint of business people. He may not be the most known saint, but none the less a favorite saint among very many business people big or small.

People who yearn for greater success in their business may turn to Saint Homobonus. That is of course if you believe in the power of saints.

His birth name was Omobono Tucenghi. The name “Homobonus” comes from the Latin words Homo and bonus, which translates to “a good man”. He certainly was a good man!

His feast day is November 13th. He died in the year 1197.

Saint Homobonus lived in Northern Italy in a place called Cremona. Cremona is about 60 km from Milan by the river Po. Cremona is today widely known for its music festivals. Cremona is famous for the production of violins.

Saint Homobonus had little to do with music as far as we know. His father was a clothes merchant. Homobonus inherited his father’s business.

As it turned out Homobonus was an even more successful business owner than his father. He suspected that there were more profits to be made selling cloth fabrics. People at that time were much more into sewing their own clothes.

His intuition about selling cloth fabrics instead of clothes turned out to be a stroke of genius.  His business was an enormous success. He was hard working and made smart corporate decisions. As it turned out Homobonus became very wealthy.

When he was 50 years old he had accumulated so much wealth he did not need to work anymore. He retired with more money anyone can dream of. 

His attribute is of course the money bag.

The Art of Giving

charityHomobonus knew the secret of giving. One may think this man was the envy of the town and that many turned against him because he was so prosperous.

That was not the case. Homobonus was very much respected and loved by his fellow citizens.

Once every single week throughout both his working years and retirement years Homobonus would visit the less fortunate. On a regular basis he gave money and gifts to those who needed it most.

He was a great believer in sharing his wealth and giving to charity. The strange thing is that his acts of kindness did not make him less wealthy in any way. Quite the contrary he only got richer and richer.

Many have since discovered this secret to accruing wealth; you must give to receive. Tons of books have since been written about the importance of this matter both by Catholics and none-Catholics.

It seems to be universal. The bestseller book “How to solve your money problems forever” devotes half of the book discussing only this matter. And as Lao Tzu said: To take you must give.

Saint Homobonus was a devoted Catholic

Every single day Homobonus went to mass where he would receive the Eucharist. On November 13th 1197 he attended mass as usual at Saint Edigio church. At one point he stretched his arms out and fell flat on the floor. At first the others who were present thought nothing of it. Homobonus was a very religious man and they dismissed the episode as an act of devotion.

A little while later when he did not get up some got concerned and went to check on him. Homobonus was dead. The probable cause of death was a heart attack.


The inhabitants of Cremona were devastated. They had lost their beloved Homobonus. The Bishop of Cremona immediately travelled to Rome to talk to the Pope in person.

Pope Innocent III agreed to the meeting. Pope Innocent III was very much impressed with this kindhearted and generous businessman. Only fourteen months after Homobonus died Pope Innocent III canonized him to sainthood.

This was quite uncommon at that time. Homobonus was a layman and married. He was also a business man. Most of those who reached sainthood were martyrs and had devoted their lives to the church.

None the less Pope Innocent III had no doubts and praised Homobonus loud and clear. He made it very clear that this man was good in name and deed! Saint Homobonus is a true Catholic saint.

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    • Saint Homobounos, I pray that you make my cleaning buisness busy with lots of good customers who want to pay me for my service.that my buisness get so BIG and I would have to hire cleaning ladies to work under me. And in return I will call you bless by your name and i will bless the less fortunate. Amen…..L.G.

  1. St.Homobonus patron of business people,please pray for me that I may succeed in my business of new clothes,I promise to give back to the needy if the sales come through and am able to meet all my expenses,mother mary,please intercede for me.

  2. Saint Homobounos, I pray that you make my IT business busy with lots of good customers who want to pay me for my service.that my business get so BIG and I would have to hire more workers to work under me. And in return I will shall help teh people in need

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