Birthstone of September

sapphire gemstone meaning

Sapphire is the birthstone of September. This gemstone also marks the 5th, 45th and 70th anniversaries.

Sapphires come in all colors except red.  Even though it comes in all colors it is the blue sapphire which is most well-known and spoken about. This gemstone has a Mohs hardness of 9.

The name sapphire means “Dear to the planet Saturn”.

Sapphire: The Wisdom Stone

The blue sapphire is known as the wisdom stone.  It promotes intelligence, education and the ability to make wise and good decisions. This is a good stone for students, teachers, judges and people seeking to be successful in their career.

The notion that it is a stone of wisdom goes back to Ancient times. The Ancient Greeks wore this stone to attain wisdom.

Those who were seeking to benefit from the wisdom of the Delphi Oracle were also encouraged to wear a blue sapphire.  In Asia it was worn to promote spiritual enlightenment.


yellow sapphire ring

It has long been believed that sapphire attracts gifts, good luck, and prosperity. This is especially true of the yellow sapphire gemstone.

Wearing a yellow gemstone ring is said to promote wealth.

Blue sapphire will always work well if you do not have the yellow stone, though the yellow rock is preferred in this case.

To promote wealth you can also wear a necklace. You just have to make sure the stone is in contact with your skin. You do not want to wear it hanging down your dress as the clothing between the stone and your skin will somewhat block the energy.

A sapphire set in gold will increase its energy. Always make sure your gemstone is encased in gold as this will reinforce its properties.

Sapphires: An Expression of Love

Sapphires have a long history as being an expression of love. The blue sapphire is especially connected to love.

It is a popular stone to use in engagement rings. Prince Charles gave Lady Diana Spencer a gorgeous engagement ring in 1981: a 12-carat Ceylon Blue Sapphire gemstone surrounded by 14 diamonds. Prince William gave the same ring to Catherine Middleton when he proposed to her in 2010.

Another famous engagement ring is the one Napoleon Bonaparte gave to Joséphine in 1796. The gold ring has two beautiful stones; one diamond and the other a Blue Sapphire. The engagement ring sold at auction for $ 949, 000 in 2013.

Bringer of Good Luck

 Sapphires are connected to mystery and prophecy, but also as a bringer of good luck. It has been considered a lucky stone since Ancient times.

It is told Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) received a star sapphire when he was a young boy. He was told that it was very special because it would bring him luck and also held the prophecy within it that it would make him Emperor of France.

In a star sapphire lines resembling a star can be observed trapped inside of the stone. These gemstones are sometimes referred to as “Stone of Destiny”.  

It is told the “star” inside these gemstones represent faith, hope and destiny. This is a powerful gemstone promoting good fortune to the lucky owner.

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