Smudge Stick

Smudge Stick for Purification

smudge stick

The use of a smudge stick to purify yourself and your space is an ancient tradition of the Native Americans. The tradition is now spreading worldwide.

It is considered a highly effective way to get rid of all negative energies.

Use a White Sage Smudge Stick

Traditionally it is sage that is used when making the smudge stick. There are different varieties of sage.

The most common variety of sage is Salvia officinalis. Salvia officinalis is often called common sage and is used for cooking. This is not the sage you want to use.

When doing smudging you want to use the white sage called Salvia Apiana. Salvia Apiana is also known as sacred sage. This is the sage plant that Native Americans use in purification rituals. Some also call it “bee sage” because bees seem to love the flowers.

How to use a Smudge Stick

Use a bundle of white sage. You can make one yourself, buy online or get one at a natural health store.

If your smudge stick contains sweet grass as well that is fine because sweet grass is also good for purification according to the North American indigenous peoples.

smudging Purification

Have a bowl or a container which is fireproof ready. You will need to place your smudge stick there. You may also want to use a feather to whirl the smoke around.

Now light your smudge stick. Extinguish the flames once it is burning well. Now it should be releasing fumes.

The first thing you need to do is smudge yourself before anything else. You want to release all negative energy from your mind and body. Draw the smudge stick from the top of your head and down to your feet on one side. Repeat this on the other side.

You are now ready to smudge your home. Start by the front door and work your way around the house. Draw the sick up and down walls and around the room. Be especially attentive of the dark areas. You can use the feather to whirl the smoke around.

Hold the fireproof container under your smudge stick as you walk around your home.

Remember to open the windows to let the bad energy out.

You should be aware that smudging may release your smoke detector. You might want to disenable your smoke detector when smudging. Please do not forget to enable your smoke detector when you have finished smudging your house.

Some say you need to do smudging a few times before you notice a major shift of energy in your surroundings.

Smudging your home should only take 5- 10 minutes. It is not a lengthy procedure.

When you have finished smudging extinguish the smudge stick under running water.

When is Smudging a Good Idea?

Many believe it is a good idea to do smudging before moving into a new home. This is because you want to release any negative energy the former occupants left behind. It will give you a fresh start in your new home.

Negative energy

You might have had a friend or family member visiting who was in a bad mood.

Any person who needs to talk about all their problems and sorrows will leave bad energy behind in your home. This also goes for the complainer visiting your house.

We are not saying you should not listen to your friend in need and distress. Be a kind and positive person and help your distressed friend as best you can.

Just be aware of the negative energy left behind. You can do a quick fix by smudging the room.

Some even do smudging after people they don’t know leave their house. This could be people doing some kind of repair work or whatever. They want to make sure no negative energy stays in the house.

Some feel the need to smudge themselves and their home when feeling down. They may not know exactly what caused a negative feeling, but they sense it. They are simply working on ways to find more positive energy to increase the good ch’i.

To get good luck and happiness we need tons of positive energy flowing through our lives. Smudging is one method used for this purpose.

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