Superstitions and Symbols in a Cup of Tea

Superstitions and Symbols in a Cup of Tea Superstitions and Symbols in a Cup of Tea

A simple cup of green tea can be a relaxing beverage to share with friends at the beginning or end of any day. However, it can also be so much more. You can use the leaves of any tea beverage for the purpose of reading. By doing so, you can learn about tea reading symbols, superstitions, and future forecasts for yourself.

Tea reading has been around for many years with superstitions and symbols for each step of the green tea brewing and serving stage. For example, people believe that if you leave the lid of your teapot off, a stranger will call. Or, if you don’t put your tea leaves into the pot before you pour in the water, you can expect bad luck to follow.

Even a poorly made, weak cup of green tea has the ability to mean something in the realm of tea reading and superstitions. Too weak and you may lose a friendship, but if it’s too strong, you could gain one instead. You would also never stir tea in a pot as you may end up fighting with someone near to you.

How to Start Tea Reading

If you have had the sudden inclination to get involved in tea reading, then you will quickly discover that it can be a rewarding pastime. All you need to do is add tea leaves into a cup then put boiling water over them. Let the green tea stand for three minutes, drink it, then leave a small quantity of liquid with tea leaf residue in the bottom of your cup.

Tea Reading Process

Starting the Tea Reading Process

When you start to read your tea leaves, you are known as the sitter or consultant. Hold your cup by the handle using your left hand and point the rim of the cup upward. Move it three times in a circle in an anti-clockwise direction and take note of the green tea leaves clinging to the sides of the cup. Finally, tip the cup slowly over the saucer until the final quantity of liquid disappears.

During this process, the person conducting the tea reading should think about their future and what their wish for it would be. The rim of the cup presents the here and now, the side the near future, and the bottom of the cup the distant future. The closer the tea leaves symbol is to the handle, the closer the events will be to occurring.

Reading the Symbols 

Learning how to read symbols and understand their context can take a lot of practice. You’ll certainly end up drinking a lot of green tea! You will see that the tea leaves form groups, figures, dots, lines, and circles. View each of these from different angles until you notice definite symbols. Have patience.

Take the time to notice resemblances between some objects and how they link together. For example, some good omens may link with bad ones or vice versa. Having a bad omen may not end up being such a terrible thing after all.

What Symbols in Tea Leaves Mean

When you are only beginning to learn how to read tea leaves, you may fail to have patience picking up on symbols. You may even see things like letters, numbers, and animals created by the leaves.

These may mean nothing at all, but they can also relate to your intuition and can be of significance. Take the meaning of an object, note its position, and correlate it to your life. Is good luck due in your near future? Some symbols may also mean something stronger or more definite depending on its positioning on the cup. As previously mentioned, learning the art of tea leaf reading can take some time to master.

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Green tea is an excellent option for tea reading, symbols, and foretelling your future. However, it’s also a wonderful healthy beverage full of antioxidants and other properties. Green tea is beneficial for physical performance, brain health, reducing your risk of some forms of cancer, and increasing your body’s ability to burn fat.

If you are interested in the art of tea leaf reading, but you’re only at the point of drinking green tea at this point, then there’s no better time than now to learn a new skill. There is plenty of information available to help you get started on the right foot.

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