Thursday is Thor’s Day

Thursday meaning

Thursday is named after the Norse god of thunder called Thor.

Thor was the son of Odin (Wednesday is named after Odin) and Fjorgyn (goddess of the earth). Thor was red-headed and hot-tempered.

Thor rode through the sky in a chariot pulled by his two goats named Tooth-Grinder and Tooth-Gnasher.

Thor was immensely strong. He owned a magical hammer named Mjolnir and a magical belt which doubled his strength. Thor often got into fights with the giants.

The Day of Jupiter

Thursday is named after the Roman god called Jupiter in many Latin based languages.

The Latin name for Thursday was “Lovis Dies or Jovis” which means “Jupiter’s Day”.

Thursday in Italian is giovedì, in Spanish jueves, and in French jeudi.

Like Thor Jupiter was the god of thunder. His equivalent in Greek mythology is Zeus.

In Ancient Greece this day was dedicated to Zeus.  Jupiter was married to Juno. The month of June is named after Juno.

Thursday Superstitions

Thursday is the day you should concentrate on money matters. This day is a favorable day for all things relating to the financial department.

Make sure to take a closer look at your budget and make necessary adjustments. Revaluate your financial goals.

If you feel the need to increase your financial situation you may want to wear the garnet gemstone on Thursdays.

It is also a great day for travelling or making travel plans.

Make sure you make all difficult decisions on a Thursday. This is the lucky day for making final decisions.

In Germany it is told that this is an unlucky day to get married. They also say that no child should go to school for the first time on a Thursday.

Thursday Superstitions in Thailand

The complete opposite is believed in Thailand. There it is a very favorable day to start any education. Teachers Day is always on a Thursday in Thailand.

spirit house in Thailand

If you live in Thailand you may want to guard your home extra carefully on this day.

In Thailand it is believed the house spirit leaves the phra phum for his weekly audience with the gods in the sky every Thursday.

The phra pham is the beautiful small spirit house placed outside of buildings and private homes of Thailand. They are often shaped like miniature temples.

In other words your home is unprotected every Thursday. Superstitious thieves favor this day for robbery.

In Thailand it is a good day for getting a haircut. It means you will be protected by the angels.

While speaking of Thailand we may also be aware that orange is Thursday’s lucky color.

Special Thursdays

Lately Thursday has been called “Throwback Thursday” on Social Media sites. This is because more people post pictures from times gone by on this day than the other days of the week.

The Fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Christianity teaches Jesus was taken up to Heaven 40 days after Easter Sunday. This day is called Ascension Day and is always on a Thursday.

Thursday during the Easter week is called Maundy Thursday. This day may also be called Holy or Sheer Thursday. This is the day the Last Supper took place.

Maundy Thursday and Witches

Maundy Thursday witch

In Sweden Maundy Thursday was the day the witches started their journey to a meeting where they worshiped the devil.

The gathering of the witches took place annually on Brocken Mountain in Northern Germany.  This dates back to the 17th century when belief in witches was strong.

Witches would be flying on their broomsticks all over the place.

It was common to have bonfires and fireworks to scare away the witches.

This old folklore tradition lives on. Still today bonfires are lit on Maundy Thursday.

Many places children will dress up as witches and go knocking on doors. The children wish the residents a Happy Easter and in return receive a little candy or a few coins.

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