Using Good Luck Symbols in Talismans and Amulets

Using Good Luck Symbols in Talismans and Amulets

Talisman and amulets have been worn since the creation of jewelry. They have been worn by kings, queens, and everyday men and women. Talismans are objects such as a ring that bring good luck.

Amulets are jewelry that protects against evil, disease, and danger. Throughout history, different symbols have been attributed to good luck and used to ward off evil. These ancient symbols are still used today in the crafting of talismans and amulets.

The Japanese crane

japanese crane ring s-114The Japanese crane is one of the oldest bird species on the planet. They have appeared in different cultures’ mythology. In Japan, cranes are a symbol of good luck, prosperity, joy, and longevity.

People give cranes as gifts to newlyweds as a symbol of a long and happy marriage. In China, they are symbols for happiness, purity, and beauty.

Ancient Greeks believed the crane to be associated with Apollo and a bearer of spring and light. Native Americans associated the crane with good luck and fortune. Having a crane symbol on a talisman or amulet will bring the wearer good luck and prosperity.

Jupiter Symbol

jupiter spica sg4Another good luck symbol found on amulets and talismans is the Jupiter symbol. Jupiter was the Roman god who rules over all the other gods. Jupiter symbolized power and strength in ancient Rome.

In Chinese symbolism, Jupiter is aligned with wood. It is a symbol of durability and strength. It is also a symbol of transition, growth, and renewal. It also marks the Chinese New Year.

In astrology, Jupiter rules Sagittarius. Jupiter brings good luck to those who seek it.

Eye of Horus

eye of horus silverEye of Horus is a symbol from ancient Egypt. It is often used in amulets for protection and talismans for good luck. There were funerary amulets made with the Eye of Horus symbol on them in ancient Egypt. These were intended for protection for the Pharaoh in the afterlife.

Sailors from the Middle East would paint the symbol on the bow of their boats for good luck.

Horus was a sky god in ancient Egypt. Horus’ eye was gouged out in a fight and was given to the god Osiris, the god of the underworld, to restore Horus to life. This led to the protection, healing, restoration, and sacrifice symbolism of the Eye of Horus.

Wearing the Eye of Horus on an amulet or talisman will bring the wearer good luck and protection.

The Egyptian Scarab

genuine egyptian scarab goldThe Egyptian scarab is found on amulets and talismans worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs, kings, queens, and common people. Today the Egyptian scarab is found on talismans and amulets worn for good luck.

The appearance of the Egyptian scarab is based on the dung beetle. The dung beetle would roll balls of dung around to consume and lay their eggs in.

Ancient Egyptians saw dung beetle larva appearing from these dung balls and associated the dung beetle or scarab beetle with resurrection and immortality. People believed the Egyptian scarab was a symbol of reincarnation, the sun, and good luck.


Keys are used as a symbol of good luck around the world. In Eastern Europe, keys were thought to bring good dreams to the owner. In Turkey people were buried with keys so they could unlock the door of the underworld.

In Christianity Jesus gives Peter the keys to heaven. The Roman god Janus was the gatekeeper and he was often pictured with a key. A key symbolizes success, good luck, and knowledge. Having an amulet or talisman with a key symbol will help the wearer gain good luck and knowledge.

The Pi Xiu Symbol

The Pi Xiu symbol is from Chinese traditions. A Pixiu is a mythical Chinese creature. It protects people who practice Feng Shui, Chinese geomancy. The Pi Xiu symbol represents a muscular winged lion. The Pi Xiu symbolizes good luck and wealth. If you wear this symbol or an amulet or talisman you will have good fortune and good luck.

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