Wednesday – Meaning and Superstitions

Wednesday meaning

Wednesday is named after the Norse god Odin. He was also known as Woden. He was the chief god. He was married to Frigg (Friday is named after Frigg.)

Odin is easy to recognize as he only has one eye. He gave one of his eyes in return for a drink of water from Mimir’s well. It was told that whoever drank from that well would become very wise.

He also hung himself for nine days and nine nights in order to gain the knowledge of the secrets of the ruins.

Odin had two ravens named Huginn and Muninn (Memory and Thought). Every morning the ravens flew out through the nine worlds. They returned each evening and reported all they had seen and heard to Odin.

Odin also had a horse named Slepnir. Sleipnir had eight legs. All men who died in battle would come to Valhalla in their afterlife. Odin ruled in Valhalla.

Mercury - Hermes

In languages that have their roots in Latin, Wednesday is named after the planet Mercury. In Spanish this day is called “miércoles”, in French it is “mercredi”, and in Italian it is called “mercoledì”.

Mercury is named after the Ancient Roman god Mercury. Mercury was the messenger god. Mercury was also the god of trade and commerce.

In Ancient Greece he was called Hermes. He is recognized by the winged sandals he wears and also often a winged hat. He carries a staff.

Mercury was the son of Jupiter (in Roman mythology) and Maia. In Greek mythology Jupiter is called Zeus. Maia was one of the Seven Pleiades and daughter of Atlas.

India has named the day after the planet Mercury. The same goes for Japan. Actually they call it “Water Day” which is associated with the Water Star. The “Water Star” is the Japanese name for the planet Mercury.

In Germany they simply call this day “Mittwoch” which means mid-week. That brings us to the English nickname of Wednesday: Hump day.

 It is naturally called hump day because it is the middle day of the workweek. The first two days (Monday and Tuesday) lead up to the hump day. The last two days Thursday and Friday lead down the hump and towards the weekend.

Wednesday Superstitions

Wednesdays are devoted to creativity. This is the day to express yourself in any manner you are comfortable with. Maybe you are into arts and crafts. It could be you like singing or dancing.

Have you ever wanted to write a book? Today is the day to get started.

It is also a good day to hold a lecture.

email on wednesday

Wednesdays are great days for communication of all sorts.

Today is the day to catch up on your emails or call someone you have been meaning to call for the longest time.

For greater success on Wednesdays wear sapphires.

It is believed Wednesday is the most auspicious day to light the first candle to Saint Expedite. Saint Expedite is the saint who moves fast and many turn to him when they have a money shortage, need a better job or are involved in a legal dispute.

If you are in Thailand this day is considered an unlucky day for a haircut. It is told to bring great misfortune.  In many rural areas barber shops are closed on Wednesdays. 

It is a lucky day to start building a house in Thailand.

The lucky color for Wednesday in Thailand is green.

Ash Wednesday

In Christian tradition Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent. Lent is the 40 days before Easter. Palm branches which were used the previous year on Palm Sunday are burnt. A priest uses the ashes to mark the foreheads of his congregation with a cross.

 During Lent fasting and prayer is common. Also during Lent many believers may give up “luxuries” they use during the rest of the year. This is a time for repentance.

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