Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant
Chinese Money Plant -Pilea peperomioides

Symbolism and Superstition

The Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) is perfect for all of you plant lovers who want to attract more abundance into your home.

This plant is called the Money Plant because its leaves are round and the shape really resembles coins. It is believed by many that this plant helps attract more wealth into their lives.

Maybe by just looking at it will remind you of the abundance of money on its way to you. It sends out optimistic vibes. The result being your attitude towards accumulating money becomes more positive and productive.

The Chinese Money Plant is a constant reminder to stay positive concerning all your financial matters. You may feel it gets easier to put your ideas into action and move forward. Get rid of the doom and gloom, stay confident and do something productive.

It could be this plant will remind you to keep more of your precious coins. You start and stay on a workable budget and watch your savings grow.

Or it could be a help to do something about those ideas you have to increase your income. Stop procrastinating when it concerns your finances.

You realize the time will never be right and your plan will never be perfect. You start anyway and before you know it your dreams have become reality.

Some even claim they received unexpected money gifts after they got this plant. It could be a lottery ticket or an unexpected cash gift from a friend or relative. Maybe you finally get the raise at work you had long given up on. So much could happen.

The Chinese Money Plant is a perfect compliment to the Jade Plant. Both these plants should be in households seeking more abundance.

Finding Coins

We have heard cute stories about how some people who started finding coins on the street daily after they got the Chinese Money Plant.

If you are among the group that suddenly find yourself picking up coins on the street, make sure you save them in a special jar or box. Don’t choose any old jar. Choose one you think is great looking. This is your gratitude container.

You may want to fasten a few Chinese coins on your jar. This may just increase the energy.

Stay grateful for all the unexpected coins that show up. When the jar is full you can treat yourself to something special. This should help boost your level of happiness. Be you own best friend!

Chinese Money Plant Symbolism

The Perfect Gift

If you are struggling to figure out what you should buy to someone you really care about, your problem is solved. Purchase a Chinese Money Plant! What a wonderful gift!

You are not an egomaniac. You want those you care about to flourish. By gifting them a Chinese Money Plant you signal that you wish them financial blessings and a lot of good luck.

Air Purifier

Did you know the Chinese Money Plant is also an air purifier? That’s right. This plant works its magic and purifies the air. That surely is an extra bonus!  Maybe you now will consider getting more than one plant?

It is a perfect indoor plant.

Cats and Dogs

All animal lovers are concerned about bringing plants into their home which can harm their pet. So, the important question is: Is the Chinese Money Plant toxic to cats and dogs?

The simple answer is no. These are safe plants to keep in your home if you have any pets.

How to care for your Chinese Money Plant

It is very important that the pot has drainage holes. This plant normally needs a little water about once a week. The soil should not completely dry out nor get too wet.

Too much water will cause the roots to rot. Your best option is to observe the leaves; when they seem droopy it is time to water your plant.

Do not use tap water when watering your plants. This plant especially hates tap water which contains chemicals. It will harm the plant which will cause white spots and holes on the leaves.

The Chinese Money Plant does not enjoy direct sunlight. Make sure to place it in a bright spot with indirect sunlight.

You need to rotate this plant often as it grows in direction of the light. If you don’t rotate the plant it will grow very lopsided.

This plant seems to thrive in areas that are not too hot.

If you find such a place in the South-East corner of your home, that would be great. In Feng Shui that is the financial area of your home.

If the South-East corner is not an option, no worries. Find another suitable place. Great alternatives are your living room or dining room.

You can also keep your Chinese Money Plant in your bedroom. It is told it will improve harmony in that area.

Naturally many choose to keep it in their home office or at their place of work.

Remember to Share Your Chinese Money Plant

This plant will grow a lot of “babies”. When these “babies get about 2-3 inches tall you can separate them from the mother plant. Cut the baby plant about one inch under the soil.

Replant the baby plant in a new container. Some prefer to let the baby plant stay in a jar of water until it grows lots of new healthy roots.

If you choose to first leave it in water make sure it is not covered in soil. Placing the baby plant with soil covering its few roots will cause the roots to rot.

The mother plant will continue to grow new babies. You now have no excuse for giving away a Chinese Money Plant to all your family and friends. Share the wealth! Good Luck!

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