Mole Superstitions

Mole Superstitions

Mole superstitions have flourished since ancient time. A mole has been considered a beauty mark for ages.

 Many women used to attach a fake mole on their face with the intention of increasing the attraction factor.

Moles are no longer the ultimate beauty sign, but a neat mole is still considered quite attractive by many around the world.

There are many different interpretations of the meaning of moles. Here are a few of them.

Chinese Mole Superstition

Many Chinese believe that a mole can reveal something about a person. It all depends on where the mole is located. Generally it is obviously more auspicious to have a mole on the front of your body.

Many Chinese will say a mole on your back is mostly bad news as it will indicate a struggle ahead for the person.

In England the story was different. An English superstition states “A mole on the back, money by the sack.” So we see there are no universal beliefs about moles. It all depends on local folklore.

Auspicious moles on Arms and Legs

Men who have a mole near their armpit should consider themselves extremely lucky. A mole here indicates that the person will indeed have great success in finances. Money flows easily to this fortunate man.

If you are a woman your money mole is somewhere between your wrist and elbow. Women with a mole here will enjoy a financially abundant life.

A mole found anywhere on the front of the thigh has a different meaning depending on whether you are a man or a woman.

For a man a mole on one or both of the thighs is a sign that he will have some inheritance coming his way.

For a woman a mole on one or both of the thighs indicate that she will indeed get wealthy, but only if she puts in the hours and determination. This woman can have financial prosperity if she is willing to work.

A mole on the back of your thigh is always auspicious for both men and women. Good fortune is predicted for these people.

Anyone who loves to travel should check to see if they have a mole close to their ankle. It is told that a mold close to the ankle will bring all kinds of good luck while travelling.

Lucky Moles on the Face

Mole symbolism

A mole on either side of your mouth is great news. Everything works out wonderfully both in your financial life and your family life.

A mole above your lips either on the right or left side is also fortunate. It indicates you will never be without food to eat.

A mole located between your lips and nose says you will have a large happy family.

Amanda Blake as Kitty

It is told that people who have a mole on the cheek are socially active and tend to be the center of attraction at parties.

One that is next to the eyebrow tells of a person with the potential to have great power.

If the mole is above the eyebrow this person can succeed but must put in the effort. 

A mole under the eyebrow and in line with the eye indicates a person who attracts good luck.

Do you have a mole on your ear? Do not worry. You will be loved throughout your Lifetime.

Old English Mole Superstitions

During the 17th century in England the hairs growing out of a mole or wort was treated with great care. These hairs were considered very lucky indeed.

During the 18th and 19th in England a mole on the left cheek was a sign of good luck. A mole above the lips was a sign the person would become wealthy.

An old English saying about moles and love went like this: “A mole above yer glove, ye’ll marry the man you love.”

It seems Shakespeare was aware of superstitions about moles. In his play Cymbeline he writes “Guiderius had upon his neck a mole, a sanguine stare, it was a mark of wonder.”

These were some of the favorable superstitions about moles. There are tons of different superstitions to be found. It all depends on local cultures and traditions around the world.

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