Turkish Evil Eye

Turkish Evil EyeThe Turkish evil eye amulet is extremely common in Turkey and surrounding countries. Anyone traveling to the Eastern Mediterranean countries or the Middle East is sure to notice this special symbol all over the place.

It is also known by the name Nazar Boncuğu. Many in Turkey may call it Munçuk.

This talisman seems to be increasing in popularity, also in the Western world.

This is an amulet of protection from anyone who does not have genuine good intentions.

It safeguards against envious and deceitful people.

Evil Eye TurkeyThese amulets come in all sizes.

They are used on buildings, doors, trees, in the garden, on a whole range of personal items.

They are found in many logos. In 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup used the Nazar in the logo, which is merely one example.

Most popular is naturally wearing the amulets.

Turkish evil eye necklaces and bracelets are truly beautiful. Many wear them purely because they are so lovely.

Others who are slightly superstitious also wear the pendants as a lucky charm.

No Religious Connection

The Turkish evil eye amulet does not have any religious connection. This may be one major reason the amulet has become quite popular worldwide.

People of all faiths, as well as people not belonging to a faith have included the Turkish evil eye in their arsenal for person protection.

Blue doorThe Power of the Color Blue

The color blue has a long tradition of symbolizing protection.

It is not a coincidence that many doors and entrances of buildings are painted blue.

A blue front door will help protect the house from malicious forces.

The Secret Ingredients

The metals and minerals used when making the Turkish evil eye has long been held to have important influences to strengthen additional protection.

They consist of smelted glass, copper, iron, salt and water.

There are tons of evil eyes amulets sold to tourist at markets which are made in China. These may be fine as a souvenir.

Believers of the power of the evil eye amulets will prefer to purchase a Nazar Boncuğu made by an expert artisan.

The Turkish Evil Eye Protects from All Three Kinds of Threats

This talisman is believed to protect the owner from harm caused by three different causes.

The first being people who harm you unintentionally.

They may not want to hurt you in any manner, but careless and impulsive behavior or speech may end up upsetting your life a great deal. For this reason many wear the evil eye beads even among friends.

The second group comes from people who do intent to harm you.

These may be envious people who want to rob you of your success or steal something precious away from you. They could also intend to hurt you physically.

The third group is of a spooky and sinister nature.

These threats come from evil forces that are on a different level of existence.

To be on the safe side millions of people worldwide insist on having a Turkish evil eye in among their possessions.

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  1. You can keep Turkish evil eye in your pocket or handbag, no problem. I keep mine in my bag at all times; sort of like my secret protection.


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