Jade Plant

Jade Plant = Money Plant

Jade Plant Crassula ovata

The Jade plant is considered very auspicious. The Jade plant is a good luck symbol for money. It is also known as “Money plant”, “Dollar plant” and “Friendship plant”.

These plants are perfect house warming gifts. In Asia they may be given as a wedding gift.

These plants can last a lifetime and grow to be very large with the proper care.

Most people just buy one for themselves because they fortunately know they deserve great things in life.

The botanical name is Crassula ovata. It is an evergreen succulent with round fleshy leaves. It is native to South Africa. As a houseplant it is common in most countries worldwide.

Where to Place the Jade Plant

Jade Plant Money Plant

It is especially lucky to keep a jade plant by the entrance. We want to welcome money into the home. You may be familiar with the old saying: “Jade by the door, poor no more!”

Get a good healthy jade plant and place it close to your main entrance. It looks great and may just increase your cash flow.

Many Chinese restaurants and places of business have a jade plant close by the door. It is supposed to attract happy customers who happily increase the business.

Another good place is in the southeast corner of your home. This will energize your money luck.  Having a jade plant at your office or place of work is always favorable.

Just remember not to place cactus plants close by. The sharp needles of the cactus plants close by will send out toxic arrows.

Plants with sharp needles are bad news for anyone trying to create a prosperous home environment.

Friendship Plant

Crassula ovata cuttings in a glass jar

The jade plant is also known as the friendship plant because it is so easy to share with your good friends.

Cut off a few pieces from the plant and place them in a glass of water. They will root well.

Alternatively you can purchase a new plant for your friend.

What a nice way to express your appreciation to a friend by giving them a money plant.

You are showing them you want them to share your good fortune and wishing them a prosperous future. Flowering plants are especially lucky for friendships.

Jade Plant blooming in Spain
Jade Plant Blooming in January – Malaga, Spain

How to Care for Your Jade Plant

Too much water is a common mistake. Too much water will cause the root to rot. Watering this plant too often and is probably the number one reason the plant dies.

Do not just mechanically water your jade plant on the same day each week. You need to always check the soil. You should only water if the soil is dry.

If the leaves tend to turn yellow it is probably because you have given the plant too much water. Also always use a pot with drainage holes.

If leaves start falling off it could be because the plant has not received enough water, so don’t forget about it all together.

If just a few leaves fall often you need not worry. That is normal.

Do not fertilize your jade plant during the fall and winter months.

They do not require to be repotted often. These plants will be happy staying in the same pot for a few years at a time.

The plants like a cooler place during the winter months and kept dry.

Jade plant flower

Jade plants need it to be dark at night. Do not leave the light shining bright on your jade plant all through the night. This mostly applies to the winter months.

A happy jade plant will grow flowers during the winter months. The flowers are adorable!

Jade plants are easy to maintain. They can last for years and years. It is not unusual for someone to have the same plant for 40 – 50 years.

These plants will get thick tree like branches. They become quite impressive!

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14 thoughts on “Jade Plant”

  1. How does a jade plants bring money? i really need to know causes i have few of them, it necessary to put a coin in a jade plant.

    • No worries. Lots of people are in your situation, including me. You can keep your Jade plant inside your apartment. It will bring you lots of positive vibes and be a constant reminder of your prosperity, money coming to you.

      You will have to keep it in a bright spot and it will thrive. If possible, place it in the South-East area of your apartment, as that is the area representing wealth. If that is not possible, you can place it in the best suited spot in your apartment.

      It doesn’t have to be by the door. The important thing is to love your Jade plant, and you will feel more positive. By feeling more positive you are much more likely to attain success.

      Also, Jade plants are so easy to propagate. I have done this several times and given Jade plants as a gift to close friends. Even though it cost me next to nothing, it has been a huge success!

      If you live in a warm climate and have a terrace or balcony, you can place it there. If not keep it inside and in the lightest area of your home, but not in the bathroom.

      I have a several Jade plants, both inside and on my tiny balcony and I love them! They are beautiful and they really do work wonders.

      Just looking at them makes me feel more positive and happier. Several times I have been close to broke and somehow a good solution comes right on time – go figure!

    • If possible, place it by an entrance to the house. It really doesn’t matter what side of the door you place it at, but it needs to be visible as you enter your home. Do not hide the plant behind your door.

      Remember your plant is inviting the positive money energy flow into your home or place of work. It should be seen.

      Thing to considerer is that this plant needs at least four hours of light every day. If your hallway is very dark than this might not be a good place for your Jade plant. If you have light coming in from a window it is fine. Also, this plant likes a few hours of dark during the night. It needs to rest.

      If you live in a warmer climate you can place it outside your entrance door.
      Your Jade plant is a positive energy plant for money, it should give you uplifting vibes and encouragement when it comes to money issues.

      My Jade plants certainly help me stay positive when it comes to all money issues!

      The important thing is to keep your Jade plant happy. Not too much water and some hours of light during the day.

      If your entrance is not ideal, see if you can place it in the South-East area of your home. The South-East area of your home is the money sone and absolutely perfect for the Jade plant!

      Keep your Jade plant out of the bathroom. Placing it in the bathroom is simply an insult to this magnificent plant.

      Never keep any cactus plants with sharp needles in the same area as your Jade plant. The sharp needles do kill the positive energy. Actually, I would never dream of having cactus plants in my home.

      Also keep the area around your Jade plant tidy. This is so that the money energy can flow freely.

      As you probably have guessed I simply love Jade plants and have several in my home in different areas, close to the entrance, in the South-East corner and close to my desk as that is where I have my computer and deal with bank statements.

      An extra plus is that that the Jade plants are so decorative and pretty and can get quite large as the years go by.

    • I got my jade plant at our local Chinese store. It didn’t cost much about $3. I keep it on my balcony in the south-east corner (the money corner) and it is doing great! If you know anyone who has a jade plant you could always kindly ask to have a cutting.

      If you can’t find this fabulous plant in any stores, you might want to try Amazon. They do sell a wide range of live plants.

      I love my jade plant. It is so easy to care for. It is beautiful and makes me happy. It should be in all homes! Best of luck to you!

  2. I have had my Jade for many years. I have rooted a few cuttings from it and started a new plant to be given as an engagement present for my daughter and her fiancé. I always new it to be lucky but I am thrilled to hear that it brings financial good luck and prosperity. What more could a mother wish for her daughters future. Thanks for the wonderful information, I’m excited to share it with my children.

  3. Just got this plant and it’s lovely.Thank you for the video and information about it as I did not know it has flowers.The information you give on this is very helpful,thank you.


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