Lizards – Symbolism

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Lizards – Symbolism and Superstitions

Lizards of all kinds have a long history representing good luck.

Many people worldwide regard the friendly gecko as the guardian of the home.

In Ancient Greece and Rome lizards symbolized wisdom and good fortune.

In Ancient Rome images of lizards could be found on gravestones. They represented hope and a good life after death.

Their ability to discard and regrow the tail represents renewal.

In Ancient Egypt the lizard symbol in their hieroglyphic meant “plentiful” or “abundant”.

They were also linked to productiveness in Ancient Egypt.

Lizards superstition

Still today the lizard is considered extremely lucky.

The Spanish and Portuguese may put a décor of a lizard or gecko (a small friendly variety of the lizard) on the wall of their home to attract good luck. They seem to be more popular as a good luck symbol than the horseshoe.

Charms in the shape of lizards are worn to bring good luck.

It is considered very lucky for pregnant women to see a lizard. This also could be a gecko, the harmless house lizard.

Seeing a gecko or any other kind of lizard foretells that her child will live a long and contented life.

In many places in Europe they believed lizards protected people and animals against snakes. That is the reason an image of a lizard may found in old stables.

It is extremely unlucky to kill a lizard; this includes the gecko often found inside a home.

Green Lizards – Superstitions

If you find a tail of a green lizard, be sure to put it in your right shoe. According to superstition this will attract happiness and wealth.

Green lizard superstition

Here is a tip for all those who have a fruit tree. Smear the tree with bile from green lizards and your tree will never bear bad fruit.

This superstition was reported by Pliny and was practiced and believed  for hundreds of years.

Lizards and the Native Americans

Lizards were considered to be a very good omen in the old Native American culture. These creatures were told to be protectors of small children.

Many believed that a lizard could warn the adults if a baby was threatened by other creatures such as snakes and poisonous spiders.

If you happen to come across a lizard with a blue tail, you should count your blessings. It was a sign that money was coming your way.

These lizards were naturally referred to as “Money Lizards” and unfortunately very rare to find.

Lizards and Eyesight Superstition

Some believe wearing lizard charms strengthens their eyesight. This superstition came about because of the green color of many lizards.

The color may resemble the same color as in the emerald gemstone, which is also worn to protect the eyesight.

In Ancient Europe people believed the lizard lost its sight when it went into hibernation. This was only temporally, until spring.

When spring arrived the lizard was sure to climb an East facing wall and catch the first rays of the sun.

As soon as the sun’s morning rays shone on the lizard the creature would regain its sight.

Pliny claimed that a lizard talisman just might make the blind regain their sight.

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