Saturday superstitions

Meaning of the weekday Saturday. List of different superstitions about Saturday. What you need to avoid doing on this day according to superstition.


Discover the goddess who gave her name to Friday. Both lucky and unlucky superstitions about Friday, Bible legends, Poet’s day meaning and more


Meaning of the day. Thursday is named after the gods Thor and Jupiter in mythology. Read more. Discover some of the superstitions about Thursday.


Wednesday symbolism

Wednesday – meaning of the day. The Norse god Odin and the Roman god Mercury. Not many, but some superstitions about Wednesday.


Tuesday symbolism

The meaning of Tuesday. The gods that have given their name to Tuesday. Lucky and unlucky superstitions about this day. What is “Giving Tuesday”?


The Meaning of the weekday Sunday. Superstitions about this weekday. Blue Law meaning. Sunday Funday meaning. Quotes about Sunday.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs story

Easter Eggs – Symbol and Legends Easter eggs are a symbol of new life and resurrection. The egg as a symbol of spring, new beginnings and life itself is ancient. Eggs have represented new life in most cultures long before Christianity came to be. The Christian church embraced this symbol. Legend of the Easter Eggs … Read more

Chinese New Year

The Lunar New Year or Spring Festival is known by most Westerners as the Chinese New Year. This is an important and fabulous festival of new beginnings. In the Chinese Lunar calendar the Chinese New Year can never occur earlier than January 21th and never later than February 20th. Preparations Preparations start the month before. … Read more