Baby Superstitions

Baby Folklore Superstitions

Superstitions about babies – make sure the baby achieves success. Auspicious gemstones for infants. Superstitions about caul found on some babies at birth.

Pi Xiu

Pi Xiu Pi Yao

Pi Xiu also known as Pi Yao or Tian Lu is a Chinese mythical animal. Pi Xiu has a great hunger for wealth and is very auspicious!


leprechaun symbolism

The leprechaun is one of the most popular lucky symbols associated with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day. The folklore of leprechauns and how they got rich.


broom symbolism

Broom and sweeping superstitions. When not to sweep. How to sweep for good luck. Sweeping over someone’s feet. Jumping the broom meaning.

Foo Dogs

chinese lion fu dog foo dog

Foo dogs also called Fu dogs is another name for the Chinese Guardian Lions. The meaning and symbolism of the Foo dogs is all about protection.

Chinese Lucky Character

Using a Chinese lucky character is a wonderful way of enhancing good feelings and luck into our lives. The Chinese have used lucky characters and calligraphy for centuries. This is nothing new. They have been incorporated on just about   any item out there. It is quite common to find Chinese lucky characters and sayings on … Read more

Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes reside in millions of gardens around the Western world. Most people just keep them for decoration. They want to make their garden a more enjoyable place. There are of course quite a few people who recognize that gnomes bring good luck. Many are firm believers that they protect their property! The gnomes give … Read more